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  1. Executive Director, BBC Media Action

    A Syrian Drama

    On the sixth anniversary of the Syrian war, Caroline Nursey, our Executive Director explores how a radio drama is helping bring communities together despite years of conflict.

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  2. Senior Trainer and Content Manager, BBC Media Action

    'How to' films help refugees eat more healthily

    Refugees, nutritionists and film-makers created a series of short ‘how to’ films to help Syrians living in tough conditions in Lebanon pull together quick, simple, affordable and healthy meals for their families.

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  3. Video producer

    How a shocking image motivated Tom Hannen to make an immersive film for mobile phones about the dangerous journeys undertaken by refugees.

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  4. Chief Editor, Hay El-Matar

    Scriptwriting for Syrians

    A new radio drama for Syrians hopes to bridge divides and help people deal with the pressures of prolonged conflict.

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  5. Project Coordinator, Syria Lifeline project

    App designed to help Syrian refugees

    The developers of a new app aim to help refugees in Lebanon cope and connect. Leen Hashem explains.

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  6. Project Manager, BBC Media Action

    Films for Syrian refugees: Do it Yourself, Do it Together

    Ahead of World Refugee Day (20 June 2015), Maha Taki explains how short films – shown in information centres in Lebanon and Jordan - are helping to give education, legal, health and safety advice to Syrian refugees.

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  7. Senior Trainer and Content Manager, BBC Media Action

     A Syrian journalist and blogger reflects on the mission impossible facing journalists attempting impartial coverage of the Syrian conflict.

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