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  1. Deputy Country Director, Somalia

    Somalia: one of the toughest places to give birth in the world

    A tribute to Amran Mahad, lead actress in Maalmo Dhaama Maanta (A Better Life than Today), an interactive drama helping young people to talk about both the opportunities and the obstacles that they face in Somalia. She died 3 November 2016 following complications during childbirth.

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  2. Deputy Country Director, Somalia

    A brush with Somalia’s people smugglers

    BBC Media Action’s radio show illustrates the realities of illegal migration through drama. Exploitation by people-smugglers in Somalia is an ever-present threat, as Mohammed A. Gaas discovered.

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  3. Senior Producer, BBC Media Action Somali

    Developing the talent of Somali journalists

    Abdillahi, a producer for our youth radio show, shares the challenges he’s faced as a journalist in Somalia and how training is helping improve the prospects of a new generation of journalists.

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  4. Making Waves in Somalia: Yasmin

    Yasmin is one of the few female drama writers in Somali society. She shares how drama is helping raise awareness of issues affecting Somali women, such as early marriage, migration, education and work.

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  5. Senior Researcher, BBC Media Action Somali

    Simple steps can help eradicate polio for good. Our senior researcher explains how a radio show helped inform a family in Somalia about polio – and how to prevent it.

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  6. Project Manager

    From "gangster" to grocer

    Hoda Hersi tells the story of Abaas, from Mogadishu whose life was transformed after listening to a radio drama storyline about migration.

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  7. Country Director, BBC Media Action

    Angela Githitho Muriithi, presents new BBC Media Action research showing how a radio drama – which used the death of a fictional baby to save real babies’ lives – is improving child health and nutrition in Somalia.

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  8. Project Manager, BBC Media Action

    Today is World Radio Day and its theme is ‘youth’. Find out how BBC Media Action is using the unique power of radio to inform, connect and empower young people around the world.

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  9. Project Manager

    How a Romeo and Juliet radio drama story line is raising heart rates in Somalia

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  10. Senior Production Manager, Kenya and Somalia

    Three writers, four episodes, ten days: how Somalia’s first interactive radio drama was born. 

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