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  1. Making Waves in Sierra Leone: Bisi

    For International Women’s Day, presenter and producer of Leh Wi Know shares how she’s using radio to help empower women to understand their rights in Sierra Leone.

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  2. Production Coordinator, BBC Media Action

    By bike, by bus and by boat: Our Ebola radio show’s incredible bi-weekly journey across Sierra Leone.

    Getting life-saving radio shows about Ebola on air across Sierra Leone takes nerves, ingenuity and a fleet of volunteers willing to hike, bike and sail across the country. Paul Massaquoi explains.

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  3. Radio Presenter

    Empowering women to access legal services and raise awareness about sexual harassment are just some of the reasons why Yvette Olabisi Olu Garrick is proud to present a new legal radio show Leh Wi Know (Let Us Know).

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  4. Script Writer, BBC Media Action

    Mary Kolu Massaquoi has drawn on her experience in healthcare and radio production to help shape a new BBC Media Action radio drama designed to improve knowledge about Ebola in West Africa.

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  5. Radio Producer

    Fighting Ebola: now it’s personal

    How the deaths of his family members made producer Mustapha Dumbuya doubly determined to give people accurate information to help protect them against Ebola.

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  6. Radio Presenter

    Our radio presenters in Sierra Leone are telling their own family members live on air not to attend their funerals should they die of Ebola. Kick out Ebola Live presenter Bisi Olu-Garrick explains why.

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  7. Executive Director, BBC Media Action

    With schools and gathering places out of bounds in Ebola-affected areas, the role of radio is more important than ever, says Caroline Nursey.

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  8. Executive Director, BBC Media Action

    Caroline Nursey on our work on the Ebola crisis, and the challenges of sharing information within the countries affected and beyond.

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  9. Radio Producer, BBC Media Action in Sierra Leone

    How BBC Media Action in Sierra Leone is using media during the Ebola crisis, and working to counteract the stigmatisation of survivors.

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