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  1. Project Manager, BBC Media Action

    Films for Syrian refugees: Do it Yourself, Do it Together

    Ahead of World Refugee Day (20 June 2015), Maha Taki explains how short films – shown in information centres in Lebanon and Jordan - are helping to give education, legal, health and safety advice to Syrian refugees.

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  2. Radio Presenter

    Our radio presenters in Sierra Leone are telling their own family members live on air not to attend their funerals should they die of Ebola. Kick out Ebola Live presenter Bisi Olu-Garrick explains why.

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  3. Executive Director, BBC Media Action

    With schools and gathering places out of bounds in Ebola-affected areas, the role of radio is more important than ever, says Caroline Nursey.

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  4. Executive Director, BBC Media Action

    Caroline Nursey on our work on the Ebola crisis, and the challenges of sharing information within the countries affected and beyond.

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  5. Radio Producer, BBC Media Action in Sierra Leone

    How BBC Media Action in Sierra Leone is using media during the Ebola crisis, and working to counteract the stigmatisation of survivors.

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  6. Programme manager, BBC Media Action in Sierra Leone

    A 30-minute weekly radio programme and BBC World Service updates are tackling dangerous rumours about Ebola and providing life-saving information in Sierra Leone.

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  7. Humanitarian lead, BBC Media Action in Nepal

    Three women in labour were rescued from flash floods in west Nepal thanks to a station manager trained by BBC Media Action, says Bhuwan Timilsina.

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  8. Senior Project Manager, BBC Media Action in South Sudan

    Great sound, simple language and one core message: key lessons from our recent training for partner radio stations in South Sudan. BBC Media Action's Cassie Biggs blogs from Juba. 

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