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  1. Assistant Producer, Myanmar

    Adverts featuring “real people” are helping communities in Myanmar adapt to extreme weather

    Why we chose “real people” instead of actors to feature in our Public Service Announcements (PSAs), TV adverts sharing simple solutions to prepare for cyclones, flooding and drought.

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  2. Outreach Officer

    ‘Together we can do it’: an action-packed festival

    A festival in Bangladesh is using a colourful mix of music, performance and live demonstrations to help communities prepare against extreme weather.

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  3. Content Researcher, Resilience

    Cricket aid: Bangladesh stars help out waterlogged village

    Villagers in Bangladesh’s waterlogged Satkhira region were bowled over when their national team cricket captain, Mashrafe Mortaza flew in with his team mates to take part in a special edition of Amrai Pari (Together We Can Do It), a TV show helping communities adapt to extreme weather.

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  4. Senior Project Officer

    A life-saving radio station in the clouds

    How a life-saving radio station in the Himalayas is helping prepare its listeners for potential flooding, earthquakes and landslides.

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  5. Research Officer, Radio for Resilience Project

    Radio show 'hatches' a plan

    Listening to radio programme Nyakati Zinabadilika (Times are Changing) inspired three young unemployed men to approach the district veterinary officer, helping them to start a chicken farm in Tanzania.

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  6. Content Researcher, Resilience

    Kutubdia: the vanishing island

    How one community in Bangladesh – living on a shrinking island – is inspiring others in the fight against extreme weather.

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  7. Script writer, BBC Media Action

    The fictional village of Lulu, promoting peace in South Sudan

    For International Day of Peace (21 September), our script writer in South Sudan blogs about her experience in Juba when the civil war first started and how a radio drama she’s writing is helping address conflict in local communities.

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  8. Radio Trainer/Producer, BBC Media Action Myanmar

    In the light of recent floods in Myanmar, also known as Burma, Becky Palmstrom reflects on how the country has strengthened its preparations and response to natural disasters since 2008’s Cyclone Nargis.

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  9. Team Leader, Milijuli Nepali, BBC Media Action, Nepal

    Hope: 100 days after the Nepal earthquake

    In the 100 days after the Nepal earthquake, we look back on the days leading up to the creation of a life-saving radio show – and its vital work to provide practical information to people in need.

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  10. Project Manager, BBC Media Action

    Films for Syrian refugees: Do it Yourself, Do it Together

    Ahead of World Refugee Day (20 June 2015), Maha Taki explains how short films – shown in information centres in Lebanon and Jordan - are helping to give education, legal, health and safety advice to Syrian refugees.

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