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  1. Director, Policy and Learning

    The potential of reforming state broadcasters in divided societies: advancing an unfashionable argument

    BBC Media Action’s Director of Policy and Learning argues for an urgent rethinking of what is often considered a relic of the past - the state broadcaster - to encourage discussion, dialogue and understanding across communities in fragile states.

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  2. Researcher, BBC Media Action in South Sudan

    "I want to go to university to become a doctor"

    For this year’s International Day of the Girl Child, our researcher Apune Jacob Alfred blogs about the bright, ambitious teenage girls he met in western South Sudan.

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  3. Research Manager

    A girl without education is like a bird without wings

    In a country where only one in ten girls complete primary education, Trish Doherty looks at how a BBC Media Action radio programme is helping more girls stay in school in South Sudan.

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  4. Country Director, BBC Media Action

    Angela Githitho Muriithi, presents new BBC Media Action research showing how a radio drama – which used the death of a fictional baby to save real babies’ lives – is improving child health and nutrition in Somalia.

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  5. Governance Adviser, BBC Media Action

    Jo Casserly discovers inspiring stories of how communities are pulling together to make a difference in Nairobi during her recent research training trip to Kenya.

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  6. Head of Research for BBC Media Action, Nigeria

    In Abuja Anu Mohammed is feeling optimistic about evidence that suggests Nigerians’ confidence in the media is growing.

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  7. Research Manager, BBC Media Action

    BBC Media Action's latest research found that women’s lack of power is a consistent barrier to improve women's health in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, South Sudan and India.

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  8. Senior Production Manager, Kenya and Somalia

    As Kenya’s TV and radio debate programme Sema Kenya returns for its third season, new research explores the show’s role in Kenya’s latest elections – and identifies its positive effect, says production manager Jackie Christie.

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  9. Senior Research Officer, BBC Media Action in Nigeria

    Instead of feeling helpless, listeners to BBC Media Action programmes are beginning to appreciate their own role in making a better Nigeria, says researcher Abosede Olowoyeye in Abuja.

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