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  1. Executive Director, BBC Media Action

    Rohingya crisis: When information is a matter of life and death

    Our Executive Director Caroline Nursey describes her visit to Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh and our life-saving response to the Rohingya emergency.

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  2. Head of Country Programmes, Nigeria

    Bold female voices: broadcasting under the shadow of Boko Haram

    At the height of the Boko Haram insurgency local radio stations stayed on air. Three years on from the Chibok schoolgirls’ kidnapping, Rachael Borlase profiles the female broadcasters in Northern Nigeria proudly telling their own stories.

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  3. Producer, BBC Media Action Sierra Leone

    Sierra Leone: standing up to crime through radio

    How a Comic Relief funded radio programme is helping inspire young people through discussion and positive role models in Sierra Leone.

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  4. Executive Director, BBC Media Action

    A Syrian Drama

    On the sixth anniversary of the Syrian war, Caroline Nursey, our Executive Director explores how a radio drama is helping bring communities together despite years of conflict.

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  5. A voice for women in Afghanistan

    A small radio station in Afghanistan run by women for women is providing a platform to discuss women’s rights, health and local news – and training the next generation of young female journalists.

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  6. Editor, Our School, South Sudan

    ‘Whenever I saw children in school I used to cry…now I’m in school, I’m happy.’

    Stella wanted to go to school but her father thought it would ‘spoil’ her chances of marriage. Kenyi Betuel – editor of a girls’ education radio show – explores some of the cultural barriers facing girls who want an education in South Sudan.

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  7. Senior Producer/Stakeholder Liaison, BBC Media Action, Nepal

    The power of making drama out of a crisis

    How radio is helping people rebuild their lives after the 2015 Nepal earthquake.

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  8. Country Director for BBC Media Action, Iraq

    Lifeline radio for displaced Iraqis

    Radio is proving a lifeline for people displaced by conflict in northern Iraq and cut off from contact with the outside world.

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  9. Producer, Our Tukul

    Prevention is better than cure

    How local and national radio is supporting work to prevent cholera in South Sudan.

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  10. Senior Producer/Stakeholder Liaison, BBC Media Action, Nepal

    Nepal: Reconstruction through radio

    People in Nepal are still recovering from the earthquakes in 2015. We explain how our radio show, Milijuli Nepali (Together Nepal), is helping people rebuild their lives.

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