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  1. Presenter, Milijuli Nepali

    The inspiring young female construction worker helping reconstruct earthquake-hit villages in Nepal.

    Sharada’s village in Nepal was destroyed by a cataclysmic earthquake in April 2015. In the aftermath she helped her neighbours rebuild their shattered homes and – with the help of a radio programme – went on to become one of a small number of professional female masons in the country.

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  2. Stakeholder Liaison, BBC Media Action, Nepal

    We need more female journalists in Nepal

    Why having role models for women in the media is important for Nepal.

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  3. Stakeholder Liaison, BBC Media Action, Nepal

    The power of making drama out of a crisis

    How radio is helping people rebuild their lives after the 2015 Nepal earthquake.

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  4. Stakeholder Liaison, BBC Media Action, Nepal

    Nepal: Reconstruction through radio

    People in Nepal are still recovering from the earthquakes in 2015. We explain how our radio show, Milijuli Nepali (Together Nepal), is helping people rebuild their lives.

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  5. Presenter

    Going global with Facebook Live

    Hundreds of thousands of people across the world joined our first two Facebook Lives from Nepal, grabbing the opportunity to question an inspiring group of female personalities and politicians.

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  6. Making Waves in Nepal: Bidhya

    Bidhya Chapagain is the presenter of Sajha Sawal (Common Questions) – BBC Media Action’s TV and radio discussion programme in Nepal.

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  7. Presenter

    The Nepalese girl whose story touched thousands

    Bidhya Chapagain, presenter of Sajha Sawal (Common Questions) – a weekly debate show broadcast across Nepal on TV and radio – writes a letter to Ujeli, a 15 year old girl she got to know while visiting earthquake survivors in the remote village of Kafle Dande.

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  8. Presenter

    100 women interview their president

    What happens when you put 100 women in a room with Nepal’s first female president? Our Sajha Sawal (Common Questions) presenter describes some of the discussions which came out of a very special debate show.

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  9. Team Leader, Milijuli Nepali, BBC Media Action, Nepal

    Hope: 100 days after the Nepal earthquake

    In the 100 days after the Nepal earthquake, we look back on the days leading up to the creation of a life-saving radio show – and its vital work to provide practical information to people in need.

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  10. Director of Communications and Fundraising, BBC Media Action

    Nepal Earthquake: sharing life-saving information during a crisis

    Kirsty Cockburn was working in Nepal when the 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck. Within a few hours of the disaster, BBC Media Action’s team in Nepal were working with BBC World Service’s Nepali Service to broadcast life-saving information. Kirsty reflects on her experience of the weekend's events.

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