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  1. Production Training Officer for BBC Media Action in Nepal

    BBC Media Action's Sushama Pandey on how a radio programme helped two Dalit women in Nepal speak out for their rights and register on the electoral roll.

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  2. Senior producer, BBC Nepali Service

    Jitendra Raut, BBC Nepali’s senior producer, on what he learned from BBC Media Action training in Nepal about how lifeline programming can save lives. 

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  3. Humanitarian lead, BBC Media Action in Nepal

    How a question from his four-year-old daughter gave BBC Media Action’s humanitarian lead in Nepal a new way of thinking about his work helping radio stations prepare for deadly earthquakes.

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  4. Presenter and Senior Producer, Sajha Sawal, Nepal

    As Nepal’s debate show Sajha Sawal celebrates its 250th episode, its presenter Narayan Shrestha remembers how the programme helped to reunite a father with his son.

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