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  1. Assistant Project Manager, Syria.

    Coping with conflict: making media to support children in Syria

    How we’re helping children in Syria survive and cope with the conflict by supporting media based in the country to make tailored ‘lifeline’ content – animations, radio dramas, discussion programmes and a documentary – we’re tackling issues around child rights, development and survival.

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  2. Flying solo after training with BBC Question Time

    Ali Sharif wanted to be an airline pilot but after joining BBC Media Action in North Africa - and with help from BBC Question Time director Rob Hopkin - he is now the director of Hiwar Mushtarak, a TV debate show increasing people’s knowledge of current affairs and holding those in power to account.

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  3. Social Media Manager, Drama, BBC Worldwide

    Social media tips from Doctor Who help launch new Palestinian youth drama

    Jose Vila, social media manager for Doctor Who on advising BBC Media Action’s new TV drama in the Palestinian Territories.

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  4. Executive Director, BBC Media Action

    A Syrian Drama

    On the sixth anniversary of the Syrian war, Caroline Nursey, our Executive Director explores how a radio drama is helping bring communities together despite years of conflict.

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  5. Senior Trainer and Content Manager, BBC Media Action

    'How to' films help refugees eat more healthily

    Refugees, nutritionists and film-makers created a series of short ‘how to’ films to help Syrians living in tough conditions in Lebanon pull together quick, simple, affordable and healthy meals for their families.

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  6. Humanitarian Liaison, Palestinian Territories

    Gaza Strip: communication saves lives

    Mohammed Abu Asaker’s neighborhood in the Gaza Strip was bombed in 2009. His personal experience is helping him train journalists and humanitarian workers about the importance of practical information for people affected by conflict.

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  7. Video producer

    How a shocking image motivated Tom Hannen to make an immersive film for mobile phones about the dangerous journeys undertaken by refugees.

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  8. Chief Editor, Hay El-Matar

    Scriptwriting for Syrians

    A new radio drama for Syrians hopes to bridge divides and help people deal with the pressures of prolonged conflict.

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  9. Country Director, Libya

    How the battle for information in conflict-torn Libya is highlighting the need for public service broadcasting.

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  10. Media Reform Programme Advisor, BBC Media Action, Iraq

    BBC Media Action advisor Aida Kaisy's visit to support public service broadcasting in Iraq was also her first ever trip to her parents’ native city of Baghdad.

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