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  1. Senior Production Manager, Kenya and Somalia

    Stand up and be heard

    Bribing people for their vote is common in Kenya – and young people are especially vulnerable. Jackie Christie explains how a new radio show is helping young people learn more about politics.

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  2. Broadcast mentor

    Passing on skills to a new generation of broadcast journalists is helping save lives in Kenya. Mark explains how a fresh-faced volunteer single-handedly developed a radio programme designed to tackle cholera.

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  3. Senior Production Manager, Kenya and Somalia

    A true partnership

    Working together, BBC Media Action and the Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) have transformed a shabby studio into a HD home for KBC’s flagship politics programme, Beyond the Headlines.

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  4. Mentor, BBC Media Action Kenya

    Tackling cholera through radio in Kenya

    For World Health Day, we look at how a volunteer-run local radio station is helping prevent cholera in Kenya.

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  5. Making Waves in Kenya: Stellah

    For International Women’s Day, Stellah – a presenter for a community radio station in Nairobi – explains how she’s using radio as a platform to inspire young women to succeed.

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  6. Senior Production Manager, Kenya and Somalia

    Terms of engagement in extreme times

    What do people think about media and radicalism in Kenya? Insights from the BBC's first 'Pop Up' event outside the US.

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  7. Research Manager

    Research Manager Anna Colom looks at the impact that TV and radio show Sema Kenya has had in fostering a national conversation about key governance issues in Kenya.

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  8. Senior Production Manager, Kenya and Somalia

    BBC Sema Kenya takes a bow

    Jackie Christie reflects on how the debate TV show BBC Sema Kenya has become a game-changer for accountability in Kenya over the past three years, before its last episode under BBC Media Action’s care.

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  9. Governance Adviser, BBC Media Action

    Jo Casserly discovers inspiring stories of how communities are pulling together to make a difference in Nairobi during her recent research training trip to Kenya.

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  10. Senior Production Manager, Kenya and Somalia

    As Kenya’s TV and radio debate programme Sema Kenya returns for its third season, new research explores the show’s role in Kenya’s latest elections – and identifies its positive effect, says production manager Jackie Christie.

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