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  1. Producer, Our Tukul

    Prevention is better than cure

    How local and national radio is supporting work to prevent cholera in South Sudan.

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  2. Senior Trainer and Content Manager, BBC Media Action

    'How to' films help refugees eat more healthily

    Refugees, nutritionists and film-makers created a series of short ‘how to’ films to help Syrians living in tough conditions in Lebanon pull together quick, simple, affordable and healthy meals for their families.

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  3. BBC Media Action, India

    A tribute to Om Prakash Puri

    Veteran Indian actor, Om Puri, who passed away last week, fronted our HIV and AIDS drama series, Jasoos Vijay – helping make it one of India’s most watched TV shows of its time. Devika Bahl, creative director for the series shares fond memories of an exceptional man.

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  4. Head of Factual, BBC Media Action Nigeria

    Kakalliya: The rapping granny

    Granny-power hits the airwaves to help improve the health of mothers and babies in northern Nigeria.

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  5. Deputy Country Director, Somalia

    Somalia: one of the toughest places to give birth in the world

    A tribute to Amran Mahad, lead actress in Maalmo Dhaama Maanta (A Better Life than Today), an interactive drama helping young people to talk about both the opportunities and the obstacles that they face in Somalia. She died 3 November 2016 following complications during childbirth.

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  6. Executive Editor

    Coming out about indoor pollution in Ethiopia

    A new radio drama is helping improve people’s health in Ethiopia by drawing attention to the harmful effects of traditional ways of cooking, heating and lighting homes.

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  7. Digital Editor, BBC Media Action

    The jewel of Afghanistan

    Afghanistan is one of the few places in the world where polio still exists. Can a humble radio show help end polio for good?

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  8. Media Resource Officer, BBC Media Action, Nigeria.

    A group of 140 volunteers provide valuable feedback about our radio programmes in Nigeria. Caroline Chukwura, who talks to them by text, phone and email, shares some of their stories.

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  9. Project Director, Health

    Garment factory workers in Bangladesh are watching screenings of a health drama during their lunch breaks to help improve their – and their children’s health.

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  10. Broadcast mentor

    Passing on skills to a new generation of broadcast journalists is helping save lives in Kenya. Mark explains how a fresh-faced volunteer single-handedly developed a radio programme designed to tackle cholera.

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