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  1. Social Media Manager, Drama, BBC Worldwide

    Social media tips from Doctor Who help launch new Palestinian youth drama

    Jose Vila, social media manager for Doctor Who on advising BBC Media Action’s new TV drama in the Palestinian Territories.

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  2. Presenter

    Going global with Facebook Live

    Hundreds of thousands of people across the world joined our first two Facebook Lives from Nepal, grabbing the opportunity to question an inspiring group of female personalities and politicians.

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  3. Country Director, Afghanistan

    “I will be there even if my bodyguards refuse to accompany me.”

    Not even a series of bomb blasts stopped people attending a national TV debate on the topic of women’s equality in Afghanistan.

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  4. Media Resource Officer, BBC Media Action, Nigeria.

    A group of 140 volunteers provide valuable feedback about our radio programmes in Nigeria. Caroline Chukwura, who talks to them by text, phone and email, shares some of their stories.

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  5. Senior Production Manager, Kenya and Somalia

    Stand up and be heard

    Bribing people for their vote is common in Kenya – and young people are especially vulnerable. Jackie Christie explains how a new radio show is helping young people learn more about politics.

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  6. Journalism Mentor

    Zambia Elections 2016 – championing live TV debate

    In an election campaign dominated by personality politics, a national TV debate featuring key presidential contenders in the Zambian general election presented a rare opportunity for people to directly question candidates and hear about their plans for Zambia’s future.

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  7. Talk Your Own Producer

    Helping communities to make Naija better

    A small community in Nigeria is demanding better services to protect their children from diarrhoea. Joy Nnogo, of radio show Talk Your Own – Make Naija Better, shares their story.

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  8. Research Officer, BBC Media Action in Nigeria

    One year on from the Nigerian elections: “no violence, just vote”

    Nigeria’s largely peaceful elections in 2015 stood in stark contrast to the post-election violence of 2011. What was the role of media in this change? Osebi Adams finds out.

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  9. Making Waves in Sierra Leone: Bisi

    For International Women’s Day, presenter and producer of Leh Wi Know shares how she’s using radio to help empower women to understand their rights in Sierra Leone.

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  10. Presenter

    100 women interview their president

    What happens when you put 100 women in a room with Nepal’s first female president? Our Sajha Sawal (Common Questions) presenter describes some of the discussions which came out of a very special debate show.

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