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  1. Research Officer, BBC Media Action in Nigeria

    One year on from the Nigerian elections: “no violence, just vote”

    Nigeria’s largely peaceful elections in 2015 stood in stark contrast to the post-election violence of 2011. What was the role of media in this change? Osebi Adams finds out.

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  2. Making Waves in Sierra Leone: Bisi

    For International Women’s Day, presenter and producer of Leh Wi Know shares how she’s using radio to help empower women to understand their rights in Sierra Leone.

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  3. Presenter

    100 women interview their president

    What happens when you put 100 women in a room with Nepal’s first female president? Our Sajha Sawal (Common Questions) presenter describes some of the discussions which came out of a very special debate show.

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  4. Country Director, Afghanistan

    “If you can’t be a father, I beg you Mr President, be a stepfather!”

    Three years after its launch, Shirazuddin Siddiqi reflects on how Afghanistan’s TV debate show Open Jirga continues to provide a voice to Afghans amid insecurity and increased uncertainty.

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  5. Producer, BBC Media Action in Tanzania

    Inspiring a new generation of voters in Tanzania

    Our content producer in Dar es Salaam, Gaure Mdee, reveals how an interactive radio show has been informing young people ahead of the upcoming elections.

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  6. Director, Policy and Learning

    With the grain or against the grain: a media perspective on the governance question of our time

    With the grain or against the grain? A blog exploring different theoretical approaches to reducing poverty through improved governance – from a media perspective.

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  7. Radio Presenter

    Empowering women to access legal services and raise awareness about sexual harassment are just some of the reasons why Yvette Olabisi Olu Garrick is proud to present a new legal radio show Leh Wi Know (Let Us Know).

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  8. Research Manager

    Research Manager Anna Colom looks at the impact that TV and radio show Sema Kenya has had in fostering a national conversation about key governance issues in Kenya.

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  9. Senior Production Manager, Kenya and Somalia

    BBC Sema Kenya takes a bow

    Jackie Christie reflects on how the debate TV show BBC Sema Kenya has become a game-changer for accountability in Kenya over the past three years, before its last episode under BBC Media Action’s care.

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