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  1. Radio Presenter

    Empowering women to access legal services and raise awareness about sexual harassment are just some of the reasons why Yvette Olabisi Olu Garrick is proud to present a new legal radio show Leh Wi Know (Let Us Know).

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  2. Research Manager

    Research Manager Anna Colom looks at the impact that TV and radio show Sema Kenya has had in fostering a national conversation about key governance issues in Kenya.

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  3. Senior Production Manager, Kenya and Somalia

    BBC Sema Kenya takes a bow

    Jackie Christie reflects on how the debate TV show BBC Sema Kenya has become a game-changer for accountability in Kenya over the past three years, before its last episode under BBC Media Action’s care.

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  4. Research Manager, BBC Media Action

    Jo Casserly discovers inspiring stories of how communities are pulling together to make a difference in Nairobi during her recent research training trip to Kenya.

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