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  1. Events Producer, BBC Media Action in Cambodia

    Yen Chenda, events producer of Loy9, Cambodia’s multiplatform project for young people, on how they persuaded 999 people in nine places to donate blood in just nine days. 

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  2. Creative Director, BBC News, Visual Journalism

    On the eve of Cambodia’s general election, BBC News' head of visual journalism explores how infographics can make complex information accessible to any audience.

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  3. Interactive Team Manager

    The interactive team manager looks back on the first year of broadcasting Cambodia’s multimedia youth show

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  4. Project Director of Loy9

    Loy9’s Project Director on a record-breaking dance effort that marked the end of the programme’s first series.  

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  5. Presenter/researcher for Loy9 TV, Cambodia

    The 17-year-old presenter of Cambodia’s youth programme Loy9 on the importance of empowering her peers to participate in public life.

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