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  1. Burma: a brighter future?

    Wednesday 30 April 2014, 09:41

    Kirsty Cockburn Kirsty Cockburn Director of Communications and Fundraising, BBC Media Action

    A radio show for young people in Burma is tackling issues never discussed before in the country - such as democracy, women's rights and gay rights.

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  2. Bringing creativity to the table

    Friday 6 December 2013, 16:18

    Becky Palmstrom Becky Palmstrom Radio Trainer/Producer, BBC Media Action Burma

    At the very first Ignite Asia workshop in Delhi, BBC Media Action production teams grappled with how to bring the ingenuity of ad agencies, newspapers, song writers and novelists into our work. Trainer and producer in Burma Becky Palmstrom blogs.

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  3. The challenges of conducting research in Burma

    Friday 22 November 2013, 10:54

    Chris Larkin Chris Larkin Research Manager, BBC Media Action in Burma

    Chris Larkin, BBC Media Action's research manager in Yangon, Burma on how a multi-method approach revealed fascinating - and conflicting - findings in a country experiencing its first taste of democracy. 

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  4. Making a world debate local

    Friday 14 June 2013, 11:25

    Ed Pauker Ed Pauker Country Director for BBC Media Action, Burma

    At the World Economic Forum for East Asia in Burma last week, a ground-breaking debate saw Burmese citizens asking questions of their leaders on TV and radio for the first time. BBC Media Action's Country Director Ed Pauker reports.

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  5. Burma's Bright Young Stars

    Tuesday 13 November 2012, 15:32

    Samantha Barry Samantha Barry BBC Media Action trainer

    Young journalism trainees in Burma are experiencing astonishing change and looking to the future.

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  6. BBC Media Action in Burma: new beginnings

    Thursday 13 September 2012, 11:44

    Peter Horrocks Peter Horrocks Director, BBC Global News

    Chair of BBC Media Action and Director of BBC Global News on how BBC Media Action has been given unprecedented permission to open a project office and deliver journalism training in Burma. 

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  7. Burma: "It's unpredictable"

    Wednesday 12 September 2012, 13:02

    Kathryn Tomlinson Kathryn Tomlinson Regional Director, Asia, BBC Media Action

    While on a fact-finding trip to the country, BBC Media Action's Asia Regional Director Kathryn Tomlinson reflects on the changing media landscape in Burma.

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  8. Youth show launches for Burma

    Friday 27 April 2012, 15:04

    Thang Kim Thang Kim Presenter

    As the media landscape starts to shift, presenter Thang Kim talks about an exciting new radio for young people.

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  9. A 'smile from the land of hope'

    Tuesday 10 April 2012, 14:36

    Lizz Frost Yocum Lizz Frost Yocum Senior Research Manager

    Lizz Frost Yocum reflects on the changes in Burma/Myanmar and the findings of our new survey on youth and media in the country.

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