Fiona Ledger

Executive Editor, Radio, BBC Media Action in Myanmar, Fiona Ledger worked for 15 years in the BBC World Service, followed by ten years in the field of media for development. She pioneered improvised radio drama for BBC Media Action, launching the weekly drama Katho Mitho Sarangiko (Sweet Tales of the Sarangi) in Nepal, which one two BBC Global Reith Awards.

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  1. More than a cup of tea

    There’s more to a cup of tea than meets the eye - it’s not just wet, hot and thirst quenching, it’s also a media vehicle for promoting tolerance and social inclusion in Burma. Fiona Ledger explains...

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  2. Fiona Ledger, BBC Media Action's senior production manager in Ethiopia, talks about how to make training workshops that have a lasting impact – and deliver impressive results.

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