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Planet Dinosaurs Ultimate Killers in 3D

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Andy Quested Andy Quested | 09:00 UK time, Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Killer Dinosaurs side by side image

Side by Side (SbyS) image

This is a very brief post as it's more a request for comment than an explanation of a process.

On the 19th August at 17:35 the BBC HD Channel will be transmitting "Ulimate Killers".

This single programme has been made from the very successful Planet Dinosaur series.

The programme is only available in 3D so we will be testing the "Watch in 2D" application on Freeview and Freesat.

I'd like you to comment on this blog post to tell me what you think of the "Watch in 2D" application. Unfortunately the application is not available on Cable or the Sky set top boxes yet.

The programme will also be available on BBC iPlayer. There will be several different encoded versions but as we are letting the automation take care of encoding I won't know what will happen until you do on some platforms!

All versions will be side by side so we also know not all devices will be able to convert them to a viewable 3D image.

What I do know is the image via the Freesat, Freeview and Virgin TiVo iPlayer apps will be 1920 x 1080 side by side. This is a new test encoding based on the work the iPlayer team carried out before the Olympics.

If you do want to comment, can you also let me know the:

  1. platform you used and the device e.g. Freeview set top box, PC or Mac via DVB card, PC or Mac via bbc.co.uk/iPlayer...
  2. rough measured speed of your internet connection
  3. make and model of TV and or set top box

I can't guarantee individual replies but we do want to collate as much information as possible to assess our next steps

Many thanks.

Andy Quested is Head of Technology, BBC HD & 3D


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  • Comment number 1.

    Couple of questions:
    - Is it even interesting to test this with a Freeview HD recorder? Is it expected that the app would only work at broadcast time?
    - Does that picture at the top of the post actually have any depth information in it? It looks completely flat to me.

  • Comment number 2.

    Dear Ewan - thanks for the post. You will only be able to record the standard transmission. The image is 2D - not giving any sneak previews of the programme!


  • Comment number 3.

    Thanks for the response :-)

    If the "Watch in 2D" application only works live then that's clearly a bit of a problem for those of us with PVRs and non-3D sets. Clearly, it doesn't much matter for a trial, but I'd certainly be a bit disappointed if that approach were to be used for much 'dual format' programming in the future.

  • Comment number 4.

    Dear Ewan - thanks for the comment. This is actually a 3D only version made from the 2D series, as everything in the programme has already been transmitted in 2D. We are testing the application whenever we can to make sure it works on as many revievers as possible.

    Last Night of the Proms is the next 3D programme and that's on BBC One HD in 2D and BBC HD in 3D


  • Comment number 5.

    Side-by-side can be viewed simply by crossing your eyes and re-focussing. I say 'simply' but it does take some practice. It's easier than viewing those random dot stereograms though. Obviously the image for the left eye needs to be on the right and vice-versa. I'll be interested to see if that's going to be possible with these broadcasts.

  • Comment number 6.

    Andy: I'm not sure I'm being completely clear - I think the tests that you're doing are a Good Thing (TM), but presumably the point of the tests is to evaluate the things being tested with a view to future real use? If the 'view in 2D' app only works live, then someone in my position (2D TV+PVR) would only be able to watch a show using it, live. As I say - that's no big deal for the test (I'm not worried about maybe missing the dinosaurs), but it would be a problem if you put that app into normal use.

    As I understand the BBC's plans, BBC HD is going to go away and become BBC2 HD. At that point, unless you start up BBC 3D (which might actually be a good idea) then you're not going to be able to do what you did for the Olympics opening, and have 2D on BBC1 HD, and 3D on another channel. If at that point, the results of these tests have lead you to think that the 'view in 2D' app is a great solution, and then you start using that approach to provide simultaneous 2D and 3D coverage on one channel, then you'll have stopped me being able to record stuff to view in 2D. Which would make me sad.

    So; in short, I'm all for testing, and this isn't an objection to the test at all - it's a result for you to roll into the rest of the feedback you get to help you decide what to do in the future. Hopefully it helps.

    On a side note - Jim - the crossed eyes thing is what I did for the dino pic at the top of the page to find that it was disappointingly flat. I tried it a bit on the Olympics opening too, and while the 3D was quite impressive, the downsides are that it's massively eye-straining, and the aspect ratio is all wrong because everything's squished into half the width. Fun though.

  • Comment number 7.

    It all looks fantastic however the whole 3D experience has not been advertised at all well. I have not seen one advert on the main BBC channels for this programme. 3D will take off if it is advertised in the right way. I do have a 3D tv but I don't have Freeview, I only have a Sky + box, does this mean I cannot watch this programme?

  • Comment number 8.

    Dear Antcoop - I am passing on all the comments about 3D publicity and we can always do better. It is in the EPG and I am trying to get the search option to find the programmes if you type in "3D" - unfortunately, not alway successfully.

    You have a 3D TV so you will be able to watch the programme - set your TV to side by side mode during the pre-programme announcement. We put a graphic on screen that you can read in 2D or 3D mode.

    At the moment it's the "WATCH IN 2D" Red Button application will not work on the Sky or Virgin boxes.

    If your 3D TV is connected and has the iPlayer app, you might want to try the programme again and give me feedback. It should be up by midday Monday


  • Comment number 9.

    Thank you for your response.
    I think that for advertising purposes it would be great if the BBC could show short one or two minute 3D previews or short films in between programmes to promote 3D or even aim at the larger audience by making a couple of Eastenders in 3D. As ITV are not interested in the format it would be a great opportunity to get this right and be one step ahead. What about a 3D Top of the Pops? There are so many ideas to make this work.

  • Comment number 10.

    This can not be something new .I have a Sony 32" HD TV. I have watched Wimbledon and the Opening and Closing Olympic games ceremony in 2D when 3D is being transmitted. The TV comes up with a choice of watching the 3D in 2D and I think it gives the left picture. By the way the presentation and camera work was far better on the 3D channel than the HD-SD version!

  • Comment number 11.

    Dear television2012 - thanks for the post, can you let me have the model number of the TV? I wasn't aware of any 2D TVs with the option to watch SbyS as a full width image?


  • Comment number 12.

    This is really about the advertising of the 3D programmes - I have had terrible problems fiding when programmes are being broadcast in 3D - even today's Radio Times has no hint that the dinosaur programme is in 3D. I watched the opening, closing and daily updates for the games in 3D and thought they were terriffic so keep up the good work!

  • Comment number 13.

    Hi - if anyone just about to post re the "watch in 2D" red button. Change channels then back to BBC HD - app should appear if you didn't get it at the start of the programme


  • Comment number 14.

    I use a Humax freesat connected to a 40" LED Samsung full HDTV 3D. Model code UE 40c 8000XKXXU. This works perfectly with 3D DVDs and also with LIVE BBC 3D. But it won't work with non live programmes such as today's dinosaur programme. There is no option to switch to side by side. All I get is two 3D pictures side by side. Obviously unwatchle. When BBC transmits true live 3D then the side by side option is available. So I watched Wimbledon and the LIVE events fom the Olympics in full 3D. But the recorded highlights of the Olympics each day in 3D would not merge into one picture. Spooky. Any ideas? Oh I have been into the set up menu to choose side by side by side but the option is not available.

  • Comment number 15.

    Dear Loupiedog - i checked this on our Samsung 2011 models - can you go through the set up menu? There is no difference between this and the Olympics 3D - as far as your TV is concerned it is "live" as it's coming through exactly the same path


  • Comment number 16.

    sorry Loupiedog just spotted you said you had been through the set up menu. I shouldn't post with 3D glasses on! There is obviously a fault in your TV and you should contact Samsung straight away - 3D should always work through an HDMI input.

  • Comment number 17.

    Have just watched the dinosaur 3d programme. Excellent. Only found out about this programme as I searched the internet to find schedule times for the bbc 3d coverage of the olympics and found out about this. I doubt if many others are aware that this programme was even transmitted which is a shame. Hope that the bbc can go forward and grow and introduce more programmes on HD in 3d.

  • Comment number 18.

    The programme is available on iPlayer and I have an apology! The logo is only on the Left image! My fault - I will get on to it tomorrow


  • Comment number 19.

    What an anti-climax!!

    The best 3D content of "Planet Dinosaurs" has already been broadcast numerous times via the BBC HD "Test" Preview facility which is why I had high expectations of this!!

    I just hope that nobody was eating their Sunday dinner while watching - not because of content - but because of the poor 3D reproduction!

    Let's hope that the "test" 1920 x 1080 (via IPlayer) transmission from midday tomorrow (?) is what this is all about - because imo the 3D depth and the image quality of the BBC HD "live" broadcast today "Didn't come up to expectations"

  • Comment number 20.

    Dear blackcat100 - not what others experienced. What TV were you using?


  • Comment number 21.

    Dear Andy Quested

    What "others" ?

    There haven't been any "other" reviews!!

    I'm "using" a Panasonic 50" ST30

    The BBC HD "test" transmissions of "Planet Dinosaurs" were better than this on the "TV that I'm using" in January 2012. I am able to compare the recordings

    Please await more reviews before you use the "others" card

  • Comment number 22.

    Responding to post #16,reply to my earlier post. I really can't see what the problem could by with the tv. It works perfectly with 3D DVDS and had also worked properly with some other 3D programmes sent by the BBC I.e. the live 100m race. The issue is that the 3D menu screen which allows you to scroll to select the right 3D options is sometimes greyed out on all options. It is as though some sort of command is not being received. Odd that sometimes it works and sometimes not. I'll connect it to the Internet to see if there's a software update.

  • Comment number 23.

    Dear blackcat100 - thanks for the post. There is a comment just above yours on this site and a few more during the broadcast on Twitter. The material was exactly the same - it was a clip from the programme shown in the 3D promo around Christmas 2011. You haven't given any details of the problems you experienced. Can I ask if you have all the image processing turned off? Killer Dinosaurs is a 25p programme so any motion smoothing will damage image quality


  • Comment number 24.

    Planet Dinosaur 3D was nothing short of excellent!! Once again there was no advertising. Come on BBC if you really want this 3D test to work you have to advertise it on the mainstream channels. There are many people out there with 3D TV's, let's make them use them.

  • Comment number 25.

    Dear Andy Quested

    Thanks for your answer
    I didn't experience any "problems" with the transmission, just a disappointment with the 3D quality

    I still have access to the archived original "Planet Dinosaurs" BBC HD 3D test broadcast and the depth of the 3D image is a lot less impressive with today's broadcast on my Panny with the same image settings as before.

  • Comment number 26.

    Dear Loupiedog - thanks for the post. Check to see if you have the latest updates. I am concerned that it works sometimes and not others. 3D BluRays work in a different way to current broadcast 3D but both methods should be compatible with your TV. Let me know if you find an update


  • Comment number 27.

    Received here well (Samsung Smart 2012 model), via Freeview as well as Sky. Also 3D to 2D worked well. As far as advertising, I have seen a promo (Great Summer of 3D) introduced by a Richard Hammond lookalike (no offence intended to anyone) on several occasions.

    My only gripe is that as BBC HD is not broadcast/formatted as a 3D channel (unlike Sky 3D) then any EPG stuff hurts the eyes when in 3D mode - you need to close one eye then the other to read anything!

  • Comment number 28.

    Dear blackcat100 thanks again - not sure if there is much more we can do. I can assure you nothing has changed since the Christmas transmissions.

    Dear Antcoop - many thanks, I will try to get more high profile promotions. We did hit as many sites, tweets, blogs, promotions on BBC HD and the BBC web sites as we could, but agree we can still do more. Remember the Last Night of the Proms 8th September


  • Comment number 29.

    Dear Tony29 - many thanks and glad you enjoyed the programme. If your TV is connected try it on iPlayer later in the week.

    I'm afraid we can't do the EPG during the trial but as you do, I use the left eye then right eye technique - or I just switch back to 2D!! We use the graphic to get between 2D and 3D - you can read it in both modes without distress


  • Comment number 30.

    Dear Andy Quested

    I'm looking forward to the LNotP but in the meantime, why is the BBC Olympics 3D blog now inaccessible for comments/replies?

    Surely the BBC welcomes as much free advice/comments/observations/criticism on the future of BBC 3D broadcasts as possible?

    I hope that this BBC blog isn't about to depart in the same way

  • Comment number 31.

    Dear blackcat100 - thanks for the post. Short answer is "I don't know" I have been trying since Saturday. I have sent a note to Nick so hope the blockage will be cleared by tomorrow


  • Comment number 32.


    Thank you for mentioning that the option to leave comments on Kim's post had disappeared.

    I don't know either; I can see the comment box open on Kim's post, but have had a similar bug report from a colleague. We have raised this with the blogs team.

    Please do say if you notice the problem recurring.

  • Comment number 33.

    Not having access or seen the earlier 'Test' broadcast that various people have mentioned, I found yesterday's broadcast excellent. There was very slight ghosting at times (panning scenes and objects moving across the screen) but I couldn't be sure if it was caused by my rather modest equipment (Toshiba 40TL868B and a pair of aftermarket 3D glasses) or if the 3D encoding was at fault. The 3D effects on the iPlayer stream, viewed using the TV's built-in iPlayer app, were also convincing but the original Freeview HD broadcast seemed clearer, presumably because the iPlayer stream had a lower resolution.

    I don't believe the red button 2D app is the answer to everything. For some material, such as the Wimbledon finals, the camera angle placement for effective 3D means sub-optimal 2D presentation. Unfortunately, I didn't remember to check out the 2D app yesterday but it could well have worked fine for Dinosaur.

    Incidentally, I had no trouble finding the programme on my PVR's EPG, using '3d' as the search term. The PVR is a Humax HDR-Fox T2. The TV's EPG does not have a search facility although it has no trouble presenting itself correctly when the TV is in 3D mode.

  • Comment number 34.

    Thank you Andy for your response and time. We need you to fight our corner for us.
    I am looking forward to the Last Night of the Proms in 3D. I hope this gets advertised well in advance on BBC 1 and BBC 2 as well as other areas such as radio stations (Radio 2, Radio 3 and Radio 4). I bet that each of these BBC platforms gets a wider audience than BBC HD.

  • Comment number 35.

    Dear Andy Quested
    I receive BBC 3D programmes via Freesat using a Humax HD PVR and a Philips
    40PFL9705 3D receiver. I have only watched a recorded version of the Dinosaur
    programme. I can confirm that this TV can readily switch between displaying a
    2D image and the overlapped 3D images. I must say that I have been quite
    impressed by the quality of the presumably 960 pixel horizontal image in 2D.
    For this TV then the "Watch in 2D" App would seem to be unnecessary.

    I understand the BBC is planning to produce Blu-Ray discs of the Olympic
    Games programming. Is it possible that some of the coverage might be
    released in the Blu-Ray 3D format? That would be nice so that we
    could make a quality comparison.
    Regards Ashdowner

  • Comment number 36.

    I have watched and enjoyed the Wimbledon and Olympics 3D on the BBC HD channel.

    I did not realise that the Dinosaur programme was on yesterday. I tried to watch it from the Ilayer on my 3D Samsung 2011 TV (which showed the live stuff very well and impressive). It would not go into 3D side by side mode from the Iplayer.


  • Comment number 37.

    Dear Richard Wright - thanks for the post. Unfortunately Samsung TVs require us to make a change to the iPlayer app and we can't do that during a trial. The programme will be repeated on BBC HD next Monday at 15:40


    The 2D DOG has been removed now and the 1920 x 1080 files are now available on the Freeview and Freesat iPlayer apps


  • Comment number 38.

    Thank you, Andy! Now set to record next Monday.


  • Comment number 39.

    Dear Andy
    The IPlayer 3D S b S image is picked up ok via ethernet and wireless inputs on my Panasonic ST30 via the Viera interface but the tv won't switch to 3D mode

    Other Panny owners are experiencing the same problem

    Is this likely to be a problem with the Viera IPlayer app not recognising your signal rather than your broadcast?

    YouTube 3D clips work ok via the Viera interface both wired and wireless

  • Comment number 40.

    I forgot to add that my Internet downstream speed is 12Mbps

  • Comment number 41.

    Dear blackcat100 - thanks - does the TV manual menu allow 3D mode switching? The TVs we have vary, some allow switching no matter what the source, some only allow on HDMI intupts but they all have to be manually switched


  • Comment number 42.

    Dear Andy

    Thanks for the reply

    The Panasonic ST30 3D Menu settings (when 3D detection is switched on) should automatically detect the particular 3D format signals.

    The IPlayer 3D input is recognised ok via both a Humax Freesat box (HDMI) and the inbuilt Freeview tuner but although the Viera internet signal displays the side by side picture, it won't auto switch to 3D mode and ther's no other adjustment option in the Viera picture menu.
    The only options on the Viera Picture menu for 3D signal are OFF - ON - ON (Advanced)
    As I said, it will auto play a YouTube 3D clip ok with exactly the same settings and from the same Viera Home screen, but not the IPlayer 3D one

  • Comment number 43.

    Dear blackcat100 thanks for the post. I have checked the user manual - can you confirm the options on page 25 don't work?


    It suggest you can change the 3D mode to SbyS - we have an Panasonic that does allow this on the HDMI inputs.


  • Comment number 44.

    Dear Andy
    That's the manual I am using and the manual adjustment is available in the picture settings while playing the Side by Side IPlayer 3D video

    When I try to manually select "Side by Side 3D" the screen just locks up and doesn't switch to a 3D image.

    I am able to watch the 3D recording fine by Freesat and Freeview, so I'm only bringing this to your attention as other Panny users on forums have experienced the same problem with the Viera online access.

    It could be the IPlayer app on this Panny model as the YouTube 3D clips work ok

  • Comment number 45.

    Have you tried to play this on your Panny via the ethernet or wireless dongle USB inputs and the Viera online access or only via HDMI?
    Maybe Panasonic should carry out another firmware update - for the IPlayer app?

  • Comment number 46.

    Dear blackcat100 - many thank - this is exactly the feedback we need. Our Panasonic works via the HDMI inputs with no issues. All the LG displays work HDMI and via the app, Samsung we know is HDMI only and Sony seems to work in both modes. It seems the USB or IP inputs on several devices need signalling included in the app. As we are running a trial we cannot modify the apps at this stage but it's good to know what devices to what. Can you try to replay via an HDMI input?


  • Comment number 47.

    Dear Andy

    The IPlayer 3D Planet Dinosaurs transmission plays fine through my Humax Foxsat HDR via CH 901 and HDMI input. The Panasonic ST30 auto switches to 3D mode and there's an excellent quality picture.
    My BBC HD recording of this 3D programme (from Sunday) also plays back fine through the Humax box via the HDMI input.
    I also have a good picture from the Freeview IPlayer app in the Viera connect menu - including the Side by Side onscreen images of the Dinosaur prog.

    There's just no way of enabling the 3D screen for this programme from this route
    If I switch to the YouTube app, their 3D images are auto detected ok by the Panny (via the same ethernet/wireless connection)

  • Comment number 48.

    Dear blackcat100 - thanks, I will add the TV to the list that allows HDMI 3D with no signalling but not via internet app


  • Comment number 49.

    I am another one who is unable to play this in 3D on my Panasonic ET5B model.

    I have no problem playing the stream using the built in iPlayer, but it steadfastly refuses to switch to 3D. If I use the manual settings to select a SBS broadcast then simply nothing happens - it remains showing the 2 images SBS.

    I have no problem watching it in 3D if I use iPlayer on my laptop connected by HDMI. The TV happily autodetects the 3D format. I can use the manual settings to switch too of course.

    I notice that when I play it using my laptop, there is a small black border top and bottom. Whereas on the built-in iPlayer there is none and it totally fills the screen.

    I had seen a similar situation before when trying to play content back from my laptop and found I had to toggle overscan off or on in order to persuade the TV that it was indeed a 3D image and to allow the 3D switching.

    However, on the built in iPlayer there is no overscan option on the TV display settings. This only appears when you are watching a broadcast or using an external input. When using the built in internet apps, then overscan is not presented as an option. Nor do the aspect settings work. I think the problem may be something in this area, but can't be sure.

  • Comment number 50.

    Andy, are you planning on letting Panasonic know of these problems?

  • Comment number 51.

    I can also confirm that the Iplayer app for the panasonic doesn't work. I have the same issues as above. The TV knows it is 3D but doesnt switch. If I select Side by Side it still shows the two feeds and doesnt translate to 3D.

    The Youtube app on the Panasonic works with these sort of feeds and displays 3D. Also if I use iPlayer on my Digibox, that will show Planet Dinosaur in 3D.

    The Model range I have is a Panasonic ET5B It would be great if you are able to fix this software bug, as the Iplayer on the TV is far superior than the one on my Digibox.

  • Comment number 52.

    Dear citizenloz and Qatmix - thanks for the information. We will be using it to decide how to proceed with iPlayer's 3D options (and in talks with the manufaturers) so this is all really useful. It is interesting the Pana allows you to access the SbyS menu but ignors it! I will try on a few more here - if I can find them!


  • Comment number 53.

    Dear Ian McDonald and Andy Quested

    "Thank you for mentioning that the option to leave comments on Kim's post had disappeared.
    I don't know either; I can see the comment box open on Kim's post, but have had a similar bug report from a colleague. We have raised this with the blogs team.
    Please do say if you notice the problem recurring."

    The Olympics 2012 blog is still awaiting your comments/replies and is still inaccessible for replies/comments."

    Are the blogs team up to the task?

  • Comment number 54.

    I am not happy either...
    I Bought into the whole 3DTV approx year and half ago and as mentioned by someone else - lack of advertising!.
    I just noticed that I can watch on BBCi player until 26th. As my TV is also an internet tv I can watch still on the big screen.
    You mentioned that these are trials?.
    Will 3DTV continue after the proms though?

  • Comment number 55.

    Dear blackcat100 - sent another note about Kim's blog. I can access it on my work PC but not from home - what browser are you using?

    Dear DiBz - thanks for the post. Dinosaurs will stay up for longer - it is being repeated on bank holiday Monday and if all goes to plan, the iPlayer version will stay until around 15th September. What make and model is your 3D TV?

    I don't know what the next 3D programme will be yet. We have a lot to discuss after the summer 3D sessions.


  • Comment number 56.

    It should be noted that as far as the Panasonic ET5B is concerned then other apps that stream 3D content such as youtube, Viera 3D World and 3doo, do work fine. The issue does seem to be iPlayer specific.

  • Comment number 57.

    Dear citizenloz - many thanks, it's actually the app configuration and part of this trial is to test the compatibility of the broadcast version of the programme with the various implementations of iPlayer.

    Usually this would be done "off-line" but even then, it's never possible to test every version of every TV, so I have seized the opportunity of the trial to get as much feedback as quickly as possible.

    It is important to get the broadcast and iPlayer versions to be as close as possible (technically) as quickly as possible as I need to try a live iPlayer 3D programme as soon as I think we can


  • Comment number 58.

    Dear Andy Quested
    I'm using IE9 v9.0.9 on W7 64bit

    I can access page 1 ok. It's when I try to post a comment or access page 2

    The page load just hangs there.
    It was working ok up until early last week

    Can anyone else load the last page ok from another browser?

  • Comment number 59.

    Dear Andy,
    I spoke too soon earler about watching on BBCi Player because I missed on BBCHD (14 Aug) ..
    I have a Samsung 3DTV and it will not show 3DTV in BBCi Player mode (as mentioned by some others on here).
    Even though I ended up rented the BluRay copy - is it to be screended again on bank holiday Monday?

  • Comment number 60.

    @ DiBz
    In case Andy is on holiday this Bank Holiday weekend, Planet Dinosaurs will be repeated on BBC HD in 3D on Bank Holiday Monday - 27th August at 15.40

    It's in all the schedules (Radio Times - EPG - National Press tv guides etc.)

  • Comment number 61.

    Dear DiBz and blackcat100. No holiday I'm afraid! Thanks blackcat100, as you said it is to be repeated on Monday


  • Comment number 62.

    Just like to add to the debate. Recently purchased a Panasonic WT50 and enjoyed the 3D output during the Olympics so I know the tv "works". However just tried to put Planet Dinosaur on through i-player and am experiencing the same issues with side by side. Cannot get the tv to switch to 3D. Have gone through the menus and manually selected side by side to 3D but nothing happens. Still remains as two side by side pictures.

  • Comment number 63.

    Dear Sebster37 many thanks for the information. I have noted the make and model number and we will be discussing all the problems after the trial. If you haven't seen the programme in 3D yet, it will be repeated at 15:40 on Monday 27th


  • Comment number 64.

    Dear Andy,

    Hi, I too have the exact same Panasonic issues with the built-in Internet->BBC iPlayer option not showing 3D at all. My model is a UT30 series.

    I hope the others who've had problems are going to contact Panasonic like myself to report these issues as its really tedious that we can't watch these things when its supposed to support it all. The 3D works fine but not when you go to the "Internet" via Wifi or Ethernet. Most annoying. :-(

  • Comment number 65.

    Re the second page of comments on the Olympics 3D blog. I'm on Chrome and if I right click on 'last' and select 'open in new tab' it works!!!

  • Comment number 66.

    Dear Calystos many thanks - I have noted the model number and we will be following it up.

    Dear derek500, I still can't access from home but I do check the page via the internal connection. I have reported it to Nick and I hope we can resolve the issue soon - looking at the active blogs, non of the others has gone to 2 pages!


  • Comment number 67.

    @ derek500:
    "Re the second page of comments on the Olympics 3D blog. I'm on Chrome and if I right click on 'last' and select 'open in new tab' it works!!!

    Works on Internet Explorer 9 as well. Thanks derek500, although there's not much to catch up on as the post reply facility on that blog is still down
    Also, it's not very useful to affected users on the Olympics 3D blog - - they don't know and can't view the "fix"!

    Let's hope that the BBC blog team are now up to the task

  • Comment number 68.

    Let's also hope that this blog doesn't expand to two pages - - or - - - - we''ll - - - - - all be lost - - - - - - - - in - - - - - - - - - - BBC 3D Cyberspace!

  • Comment number 69.

    Dear blackcat100 - no chance!

  • Comment number 70.

    Worked a treat with the "live" broadcast. Kids loved it! Lots more 3D output please :0)

  • Comment number 71.

    Dear Andy,

    Forgot to mention, the full model info is TX-P42UT30B. Hope this helps, :-)

    I've reported the issue to Panasonic, awaiting reply. Hopefully they'll also have some answers to help everyone else who has a Panasonic with this same issue.

  • Comment number 72.

    First of all I would like to thank the BBC for doing 3D broadcasting at all. The ‘Planet Dinosaur 3D’ program was superb on the Freeview BBC HD channel. Good quality and excellent 3D effects. My one gripe is that the BBC has got to advertise when its 3D content is going to be broadcast. I knew ‘Planet Dinosaur 3D’ was coming up and I kept flicking through the schedules to find out when but I still missed it. I was lucky I was off on holiday Monday and was looking to see what films were on when I came across, by chance, the second broadcast of ‘Planet Dinosaur 3D’.

    I hope the BBC do more 3D broadcasts. How about filming a popular drama in 3D? Doctor Who and its 50th Anniversary springs to mind or get David Attenborough back from Sky to do one of his superb natural history programs in 3D. Give us good content in 3D and I think you will have an audience and also the possibility of 3D Blu-Ray sales.

  • Comment number 73.

    Dear Calystos many thanks.

    Dear RoyFife thanks for the post. I will pass your comments on to Kim - we can always do better with publicity.

    I did find all the 3D programmes by searching BBC + 3D - it was was second in the list after this blog! I'm afraid minority technologies as minority channels are now, will always be difficult to find now we are virtually all digital. Until more powerful search engines are actually inside all TV's, we will have to resort to internet searches.


  • Comment number 74.

    New to the 3D experience and happy to say so far so good, finding out that the BBC were trailing this over the summer gave me another nudge into finally purchasing a 3D TV . I was disappointed however to find out that I had missed both showings of Planet Dinosaur but then found it on Iplayer, I tried to play it on my Echostar Freesat HD PVR and also on a PS3, it intially started on both but then blank ? I then tried my old Humax Foxsat HD ( non PVR ) and Bingo...worked a treat, just wonder why it did not work on the other two?

  • Comment number 75.

    Dear macks68 - we have had issues with the PS3 replaying the 3D streams and will investigate later. I have not heard of any Echostar Freesat issues, can you give mode details including model number? I assume the Humax was Freesat and not Freeview?


  • Comment number 76.

    Hi Andy, the Echostar is the HDS-600RS and The Humax is indeed Freesat, also just to echo the comments from RoyFife, natural history in 3D is a great idea but anything to do with Space, Stars, Planets, The Universe would be amazing, keep up the good work

  • Comment number 77.

    Tried this last night using both the PS3 and XBox360 iPlayer apps - neither worked. The Xbox gave an error message, and the PS3 just appeared to be buffering without playing the video. Both apps were working with other content. Broadband speed is 60meg, and can stream the HD content with no problem.

    Tried with the app on the Samsung PS51D6900 plasma, and video played fine but, as you already know, there is no way to switch to 3D with the current Samsung App.

    It seems to be quite an unsuccessful trial.

    Recorded the program via Sky earlier this week, and it was excellent.

  • Comment number 78.


    I have the same issue when playing from iPlayer App with a Samsung ES7000, I cannot switch the 3D mode to side by side as the option is not selectable from the menu.

  • Comment number 79.

    Dear BJQ1972 many thanks - we know the Samsung TV's will not switch and the PS3 sits there buffering I'm afraid. The X-Box iPlayer is new we are trying to find out why it gives the error message but we know many other devices and TVs work well and allow switching.

    The reason we did the public trial was to hit a large number of device combinations far faster than we could try each one in the lab. We could have done it that way, but it was also a chance to get some 3D content out there. Glad you managed to watch the transmitted version though - if you have an HDMI output on a computer, you might want to try the traditional iPlayer too if you have time.

    Dear AminoEtFide - many thanks too, I think we can safely say all of the Samsung TVs require a 3D version of the iPlayer app!

  • Comment number 80.

    Dear all. Reading trough the posts I noticed I had said the programme would be available until the 15th September. This should have said 5th September. Apologies


  • Comment number 81.

    Dear Andy Quested

    As this BBC 3D Planet Dinosaurs blog would appear to be heading down the same dead end road as Kim’s 3D Olympics one and that of the Dinosaurs, I would like to make a few suggestions for the “ inevitable” upcoming “Last Night of the Proms” BBC 3D blog

    1 Kindly request that the BBC “blogs team” sort out the inaccessibility to the BBC Olympics 2012 3D blog site before next weekend’s LNotP live HD 3D broadcast

    2 Kindly request that the BBC 3D Tech team sort out the major problems that Panasonic, Samsung etc TV owners are experiencing with their IPlayer apps. Many BBC licence payers don’t have access to the BBC Freeview/Freesat HD 3D broadcasts but they should still be able to access the BBC HD 3D broadcasts through their online TV IPlayer apps

    You have indicated that there is a problem with “signalling” from the BBC IPlayer 3D transmission so, as there are no more BBC 3D trials planned after the Proms, now is the time to act and modify the IPlayer 3D HD format set up to see if it actually works!

    3 Kindly inform Ian McDonald that Kim’s 2012 Olympics blog is still “buggy”

    4 Kindly inform the BBC directors that there are many licence payers who would be delighted to see the BBC investing a larger proportion of their hard earned cash in 3D technology and many of us support your 3D “tests” as long as there’s a positive result.

    Apart from that, well done so far with the BBC 3D trials! – Only 18 months to go!

    I leave this discussion open to any other suggestions - gripes – complaints – observations.

  • Comment number 82.

    When did the 18 month 3D trial start? Wimbledon 2011 or this year? Are you planning to do Strictly in 3D again this year?

  • Comment number 83.

    Dear blackcat100 - thanks for the post. This blog is alive and well and yours to comment on and through.

    Just to answer your questions -

    I will keep pushing for Kim's blog to be sorted.

    Re the iPlayer - unfortunately we can do nothing during the trial to modify the iPlayer application for each type of TV. We will be looking at the standards for 3D via IP connections though. The LNOTP will not be on iPlayer in 3D.

    Freeview HD is now available to majority of the country now, but I do take the point there are still gaps until the end of the year. Switchover completes before the end of the trial at least.

    As for your 4th point - that one is definitely up to you!! I can only pass on the sentiment but if you have read the 3D posts here and in other non places there are many who say it's a fad. A good point for discussion.

    If you really want a debate I can ask you (by you I mean all who contribute to the blogs) one of the points that's often put to me.

    ...Unlike HD where the broadcasters and broadcast equipment manufacturers set the standards and developed the technologies long before the consumer manufacturers could produce viable displays. 3D TVs came (long) before the broadcasters and broadcast manufactures could viably produce content. Sales also suggest there is no demand!...

    Now - this is not my position, but as there are more 3DTVs in use than 3D glasses, I need more to take back to the debate. Hence the blog!!

    There is the point for debate for you - and I am happy to bend the house rules (assuming I'm allowed) to take comments that are not directly on the topic of Dinosaurs in 3D as long as they are about 3D on iPlayer and traditional TV broadcast.

    Dear derek500 I can't remember the exact date but it's around June 2013. I don't know what the plans for SCD are this year but there will be other 3D programmes!


  • Comment number 84.

    Dear Andy

    Thanks for your quick reply

    It's a shame that LNotP 3D isn't being repeated on IPlayer as this would have presented another opportunity to test out streaming formats and create another sorce of BBC 3D discussion

    Regarding the lack of interest in 3D HD TV, and the resulting lack of investment, I'm viewing, for the umpteenth time, The Wizard of Oz on CH5 atm

    What a groundbreaking introduction to new technology when the " cinema" screen switches from B/W to colour.

    When you and the BBC tech guys eventually sort out an acceptable 2D - 3D simultaneous broadcast, you could send a signal to 3D capable tvs at a specific point in a programme to "Put on your 3D glasses now".
    2D viewers wouldn't even know
    You could start with an episode of Doctor Who!

    That would definitely launch the BBC 3D Tardis!

    I do hope that you're allowed to continue the BBC 3D debate here on this blog

  • Comment number 85.

    Dear blackcat100. LNOTP isn't technically possible yet on iPlayer. As for 3D programmes - the debate is around the amount spent, the different versions 2D/3D and time to make. Also, unlike the cinema, we would have to produce many hours of different genre a day from day one - there are just not enough people commenting, posting, calling, writing and demanding


  • Comment number 86.

    Dear Andy

    Point taken on the cost. But my "Wizard of Oz" idea would drastically reduce this.

    If you only record the parts of a programme that would be beneficial in 3D format, either by content or scene selection ( Doctor Who would be ideal), then the costs would come down.
    I haven't watched a 3D film or BBC 3D transmission where this isn't clearly obvious, including the Olympics OBS/BBC 2012 3D offerings

    All you would require is the software to access the 3D content whilst the programme is being transmitted in 2D format on BBC HD, and an onscreen prompt that the 3D option is available, which would be triggered by most 3D capable TVs anyway.

    If you don't want to view in 3D, you just carry on watching

    You might ask if anyone at the BBC has considered this option because sometimes it takes the simplest solutions to kick start a completely new media technology!

  • Comment number 87.

    Dear blackcat100 - we already have the option. We've used it in reverse for the "Watch in 2D" option on BBC HD - it's just a Red Button app but at the moment other options take priority on BBC One. Important we have the 3D or no 3D debate!!


  • Comment number 88.

    Dear Andy

    That's the whole point of my suggestion. It wouldn't be 3D or no 3D - it would be 1/2 3D or no 3D.

    When the BBC produce the programme, instead of the extra expense incurred with the whole production being shot in 3D, just shoot the suitable scenes in the more expensive 3D format and the rest (bulk) in normal 2D and then trigger the "switch to 3D" signal during the transmission for the viewer's appropriate reaction - depending on their TV requirements

    It has been done before with the old cinema 3D formats i.e. "Put on your 3D glasses now" but never on a national broadcast ota scale

  • Comment number 89.

    @Andy Quested do you just use BARB's figures to judge the popularity of the BBC's 3D broadcasts?

    As we know from Ofcom's figures HD is in around 40% of homes, but the two channels which report HD viewing separately BBC HD and ITV1 HD are still showing woefully low figures.

    I note that in the weeks ending July 29th and August 12th the 3D opening and closing ceremonies had more viewers than many of the HD simulcasts of BBC Three Olympics coverage.

    As for the BBC 301 HD red button, the figures are a joke. Even in the top 10, programmes received zero ratings.

    I have never believed the BARB figures for the BBC's HD channels, so even less likely to for 3D.

    Perhaps the BBC

  • Comment number 90.

    Dear Andy Quested
    I've just received this week's Radio Times and can see why BBC HD 3D is struggling to take off
    In their own publication, the only mention of 3D is on page 50 at the bottom of the 9.15 Last Night of the Proms listing and is a small line:
    "Showing in 3D on BBC HD"

    If you weren't actually searching for it you'd never find it.

    RT editor, Alison Graham's "Pick of today's TV" preview on P48 doesn't mention 3D at all and Pick of the Week on P4 doesn't mention 3D either

    How are the BBC going to popularise this format when they keep it a secret from the general public in their own main publication?
    Many people will have missed or ignored the BBC promo ad on tv as this has still included the "summer" 3D shedules i.e the 2012 Olympics and Planet Dinasaur 3D transmissions long after they had been broadcast.
    I would have thought this to be a fantastic opportunity for the BBC to promote their 3D broadcast capabilites

    To confuse matters even further, the BBC 2 7.30 listing on P50 carries the footer: "Also on BBC HD"
    Does this mean that it's only the BBC 1 broadcast at 9.15 on BBC HD in 3D or should it include the 7.30 BBC 2 transmission in 3D as well?
    They're using the same cameras aren't they?

  • Comment number 91.

    Dear Andy

    I forgot to ask - should we continue to use this blog to discuss LNOTP 3D or are you setting up a new one?

  • Comment number 92.

    Dear blackcat100 - many thanks. Mixing 2D and 3D is always a bit messy technically especially on TV but the bigger issue is editorial - I have to leave that to the programme makers.

    Dear derek500 many thanks too. We do use BARB figures but we are aware of the potential sample size issues for small numbers. However we do know that probably less than a third of the actual number of 3DTVs out there are actually purchased and used for 3D viewing at the moment. We don't judge the size of the potential audience by the sales of TVs, a far better statistic would be the number of pairs of glasses - if we could get it that is. This number is a really important gauge if you consider some TVs only come with one or two pairs and some (passive screens) come with up to 10 pairs!


  • Comment number 93.

    Dear blackcat100 - I will keep this blog open for all the summer's 3D programmes (iPlayer distributed or not) as long as we keep to the technical side. I have to point anything about the future of the BBC's 3D to Kim's blog


  • Comment number 94.

    Dear Andy Quested

    But probably due to technical difficulties, Kim's blog seems to have blogged out

    It's received no new posts for over a week

    I think that you'll probably get more "3D subject" diversified posts here in the next few weeks especially when the IPlayer Planet Dinasuar 3D test trial ends tomorrow.

  • Comment number 95.

    A note to all - Kim's log is still working. I keep asking for the issue that stops linking to page 2 to be sorted but in the meantime if you right click on the "2" and open in new tab or window you can get to page 2 and can post - I have just tested it and it's come back on the topical list below. We can access it with no issues internally so Kim can get to the posts


  • Comment number 96.

    Dear Andy

    "Open in new Tab" doesn't work in IE9 - only "Open in new Window"

    Why are we bothering with all of this nonsense regarding Kim's blog?

    Most potential posters on that blog have given up long ago

    Please ask your bosses if we can now direct all comments regarding any BBC HD 3D issues via this FUNCTIONING blog route

    You appear to be the only BBC employee who's really interested in securing the future of BBC 3D

    Kim has only replied a few times on "her" blog and you have, so far, posted the only informative answers there

    And - - It's only a blog!

  • Comment number 97.

    Dear blackcat100 - I know Kim reads the post and replies when she can. I can only answer technology questions here so have to refer all others to Kim's. Many thanks for the compliment though.

    From tomorrow afternoon I am at the IBC in Amsterdam. I come back the following Wednesday - post may be a bit thin for a week but please don't think I'm not there.


  • Comment number 98.

    Dear Andy

    I have just managed to post my comments on Kim's blog so the clock is ticking!

    Have a good trip - - I know where I'd rather be!

    Don't forget to set the 100+ BBC test HDD recorders to record LNOTP in 3D before you go - if you can work out the BBC prog. schedules

  • Comment number 99.

    Now blackcat100 that's not only unfair it's not true :) I have just set my sky pvr by going to the HD/3D group and going to Saturday night and they were both there - BBC One HD Proms and right next to it BBC HD Proms in 3D. I also did a search and it found them both. Actually by Saturday night I know exactly where I'd be!


  • Comment number 100.

    Just in case anyone else hasn't spotted the BBC HD 3D Last night of the Proms broadcast (it wasn't mentioned in today's National Press) and they haven't actually looked for it in their pvr epg - here's a reminder that it'll be transmitted between 9.15pm - 10.45pm TONIGHT!!

    I'm really looking forward to this one - the last of the BBC summer of 2012 trilogy of 3D broadcasts!

    Don't miss it.

    In the event of extra time, following programmes may run late


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