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Blue Room: The Easter Bunny goes Digital

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Lindsey Suter Lindsey Suter | 12:40 UK time, Thursday, 5 April 2012

View of mobile devices on a desk in the Blue Room, with a corner of a living room and a car dashboard in the background.

A digital easter egg on a tablet in the BBC Blue Room. Photo taken with the Blue Room's OWLE camera attachment and an iPhone.

Happy Easter from the BBC Blue Room

My job is demonstrating amazing technology to other staff at the BBC Blue Room - and the Blue Room has been redesigned, just in time for Easter

The BBC Blue Room is the BBC's technology showcase, designed to raise awareness amongst BBC staff on how the world of consumer technology is changing the broadcasting industry. The new room - as you can see in the photos - is closer to places you consume BBC content, whether that's a living room or the front seat of a car.

TV in front of brick effect living room wall; and a car dashboard in a garage board

People now consume BBC digital content in cars as well as homes; so we have an interactive dashboard in the Blue Room

One of our main purposes is to keep us in touch with our audience; to understand how you are consuming content in a rapidly changing world of brilliant devices, services and platforms.

Some of the latest gadgets in the room are a fantastic example of this, connected television viewed in conjunction with apps on mobile devices or 'second screens', new ways of controlling the television - eg with voice and gesture. Some are great and responsive, others need more development.

With the ever decreasing gap between the consumer and professional market a new and interesting area we are currently looking at is 'new ways of capture'. Gadgets like the Steadicam for mobile devices, Kogeto for 360 shooting, and the futuristic - I feel like Luke Skywalker - 3D HD video/binoculars from Sony.

This week we're testing out BBC staff's awareness of tech by hiding digital Easter eggs on a multitude of devices to see if they can hunt them out. Happy Easter!

Bank of TVs and monitors over an arena in which remote controls site, watching.

A range of Connected TVs, showing programmes in a range of user interfaces

Lindsey Suter is a Technology Demonstrator in the BBC Blue Room. You can follow BBC Blue Room on Twitter.


  • Comment number 1.

    Your Blue Room seems as a great place for one to be! If I happened to get in there, I will probably feel like Alice in the Wonderland:) So many new and interesting gadgets to get familiar with!Technology changed not only the broadcasting industry, but the entire market for any given product invented. You are always up to date by keeping up with the latest tendencies and that is praiseworthy, not to mention that Im still laughing over the idea for hiding the Easter eggs:) Happy Easter to all of you!
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  • Comment number 2.

    That would be a good place to visit someday


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