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Comments and making our coverage more social

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Alex Gubbay Alex Gubbay | 12:52 UK time, Friday, 18 March 2011

Editor's note - extracts from a blog post from Alex Gubbay, social media editor, BBC News, published on The Editors blog:

"The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed us trying out our comments module across different stories in recent months. The full functionality (including rating and promotional modules showing numbers of comments) is not yet implemented, but should be within a matter of weeks... Even at this point, we will still only enable it on a selection of content each day, determined by our editors and the news agenda - as is currently the case with Have Your Say... However, once we have rolled out, we intend to close Have Your Say in its current form - most likely in early April. Though World Have Your Say - the BBC's global interactive news discussion show - will continue across BBC World Service, World News TV and online."

Read more and comment at The Editors at BBC News

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