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The Blue Room Live and 3D TV

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Roland Allen | 14:45 UK time, Monday, 1 November 2010

We're coming to the end of the inaugural tour with the Blue Room Live which has taken in a variety of public events around the UK and included BBC staff and the wider media industry.

The enthusiasm and hunger for knowledge about the consumer technology experience from the perspective of those who produce and also those who consume media seems to grow consistently. Our most popular exhibits have been our two 3DTV systems and our observations of those who have experienced these are quite intriguing.

Now I must stress that these are purely anecdotal and non-scientific observations.

However it would seem to be the case that there are two sets of demographic preferences at play when it comes to the subjective differences between the Polarised and Active Shuttered 3D TV systems, both of which are now available on the consumer market.

Firstly, there seemed to be an age related trend with the preference for younger viewers leaning towards the Active Shuttered system; older viewers seem to prefer the Polarised experience.

Secondly, there was a notable preference amongst those who work in TV and Film in a professional capacity towards the Polarised system.

Again I must stress that these are personal observations based on the people who attended the Blue Room events and are not based on any form of systematic research. However given the seeming dominance in the fledgling 3D TV market in the UK of the Active Shuttered system an interesting division seems likely to arise where the Cinema 3D experience will be largely based on the Polarised 3D experience and the home 3D TV market on the Active Shuttered system. Only time will tell...

Watching 3DTV in the BBC's Blue Room

Watching 3DTV in the Blue Room

I was also been struck by the number of visitors to the Blue Room Live who have already purchased a 3D TV, or have stated that they will in the run up to Christmas. However, musing on the practicalities of 3D TV ownership there are a number of potential pitfalls to overcome in this new stereo vision world. One example: there is no single standard amongst the Active Shuttered 3D TV manufacturers so accidentally sitting on a pair of specs on your sofa won't necessarily be solved by rushing over to your friend's house to borrow a pair of theirs so that you don't miss the big 3D film...

The BBC's Danielle Nagler, Controller of HD and 3D TV recently commented on where we as an organisation are likely to go with 3D TV, and we in the Blue Room will continue to monitor the consumer experience and report back to you.

Roland Allen is Head of Technology Liason, BBC Future Media & Technology

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  • Comment number 1.

    Interesting post, and Im convinced that 3DTV will be a hit! Having already tested it out, I am addicted, and I am sure other people are too. Just think of how good things will get in a few years time


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