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Round up: Monday 18th January 2010

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Nick Reynolds Nick Reynolds | 19:15 UK time, Monday, 18 January 2010

Over at the Radio 4 blog, Controller Mark Damazer is getting quite excited about "A History of the World in 100 objects":

The website was only finished this weekend - truly - but has lots to offer and we really want you to upload your own objects that have global connections. Every object you upload will have a page accompanying it.

Last week's BBC iPlayer figures for November and December went down well with gamers (is this the right word?), including Gamer Syndrome.

The Telegraph tells us: "iPlayer to be reviewed by BBC Trust"

BBC Research and Development blog has another of its videos with Quentin Cooper this time called "Displays and Screens Part 1".

In part one of this film Quentin and Richard Salmon discuss the last of the old Cathode Ray Tube displays, and what the implications of this are in terms of the way that displays show colour.

While over on Web Developer Mat Hampson in a post called "A/B Testing" ruminates:

A little while ago I was talking to our interaction designer Pekka about a link we had in the masthead that was under-performing. We suspected it was the wording that wasn't working, and after thinking up a few possible options Pekka said it would be great to be able to "A-B test" some of them. This led to some blank gawping from me...

The Sunday Express ran a story yesterday with the headline "Is the BBC run by a bunch of Twitters?"

The story has now been removed from the Express' website but Steve Bowbrick took a picture of the paper version:


The Express story included these quotes:

The BBC Radio 2 site, which gathers messages, or "tweets", from presenters such as Chris Evans, Jonathan Ross and Alan Carr, has no followers... The BBC Radio 5 Live site, run by presenter Victoria Derbyshire, has just two.

No Rock n Roll Fun discovered that this (and other things in the story) weren't quite right:

The Radio 2 site actually sends the odd Tweet from staff at Radio 2 about the programmes, but not by or from Chris Evans. Oh, and the "no followers"? 12,470 at time of writing... As this screengrab shows, Victoria is following just two people. But, erm, she's being followed by over three and a half thousand.

Malcolm Coles also had an opinion. Here's some reaction from people on Twitter.

Nick Reynolds is Social Media Executive, BBC Online



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