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Project Canvas: Richard Halton interview in Digital Spy

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Paul Murphy Paul Murphy | 16:04 UK time, Wednesday, 2 September 2009

There's an interesting interview with Richard Halton, BBC Programme Director, IPTV on Digital Spy about Project Canvas. It's looking to use local storage of the most popular programmes on the service as a way round bandwidth issues:

The best example is that on a Monday, 25% of our iPlayer traffic is from last night's Top Gear. So why have a million people playing Top Gear over their ISP on Monday? Instead just drop it into the hard drive as soon as it has been broadcast.
Richard also welcomed the emerging competition in the online on-demand space as being good for the consumer as well as good for Project Canvas:
There will just be a portfolio of people who want to put their content on the platform, so BBC iPlayer, Demand Five, Channel 4. If all of that is enhanced by Hulu, BlinkBox, whatever, then it just makes Canvas a more exciting platform with more content from more providers.
Read the report or the full interview at Digital Spy.

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