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Interesting Stuff 2009-03-30

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Dave Lee | 16:26 UK time, Monday, 30 March 2009

Formula 1 raked in the audiences over the weekend. Andrew Shorten from Adobe has a great comparison between our efforts using Flash in 2003, and this year's offering. It's quite a contrast.


While "iPlayer changed my media life!" sounds an awful lot like something that you'd find on the front of a women's magazine, we're always pleased to read that the catch-up service is so popular.


Project Canvas is back in the news -- BBC IPTV director Richard Halton discussed the on-demand platform at a conference last week. From PaidContent:

One of the real drivers of Canvas, said Halton, is so the Beeb doesn't have to keep re-purposing and re-formatting its content for every medium, from mobiles to PCs to Macs. "In itself, it's a fantastic achievement you can watch iPlayer on a Nokia N96... But it demonstrates the challenge we face in working across multiple platforms." Though it is technologically-minded, the Beeb is not a technology company, Halton said, and would rather spend its money on creating new content.


If you want to keep up with all iPlayer developments, you'd be wise to follow @BBCiPlayer on Twitter.


James Cridland is looking forward to the soon-to-be-launced new Radio 4 site.


The Press Red blog has a round up of interactive highlights coming up in the near future.


We've found this a bit late, sorry, but here's Dan Sumption's post for Ada Lovelace Day. Our Ada Day post can be found here. All of the Ada posts from around the world can be found here.


Steve Bowbrick, now editor of the Radio 4 blog, has posted this snapshot of 24 hours worth of Twitter chat about the station.

Expect much more Twitter chat when the Radio 4 website is relaunched tomorrow.


Regular readers will know all too well that we are indeed a harried and miserable bunch here, but Nick Cohen put it all into words in yesterday's Observer. By means of a rebuttal, BBC director of Global News Richard Sambrook came along with this post.

Dave Lee is co-editor, BBC Internet blog, BBC Online, BBC Future Media & Technology.


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