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Interesting Stuff 2009-01-12

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Dave Lee | 13:30 UK time, Monday, 12 January 2009

Kevin Dunne, from o2 Ireland, considers the success of the BBC iPlayer, and ponders the impact of integrated online television from MySpace:

I think this is true convergence. A one stop shop that merges tv and online worlds. I wonder how far behind fully functional web browsing on tv is? Will broadcasters look at the possibility of launching tv shows online at the same time they're being released on tv?"


On-demand TV social network Boxee has entered public beta -- and according to the Boxee blog now includes BBC iPlayer. Ian Forrester on BBC Backstage says, that this "is not an offical iPlayer release."


Not since Rolf's Cartoon Time has a man at the BBC been so adept with a set of felt-tips as Steve Bowbrick. This time he maps out some thoughts on the BBC's use of Wikipedia:


Steve explains his reasoning here, drawing reference to an earlier post by BBC Internet Blog editor Nick Reynolds.

By means of a follow-up, Roo Reynolds (no relation to Nick), adds some guidelines for BBC staff using the encyclopaedia.


English-speaking French news channel France24 asks whether comments about the Gaza conflict should be censored:

On most subjects, the BBC have usually allowed most user comments to pass freely, but that is not the case where reactions to the Israel-Gaza conflict are concerned.
In the "Have your say" section of the BBC website, a moderator explains: "We've got two debates on the blog at the moment (on Gaza and on homosexuality) that are leading us to delete well over half of the comments you're posting. So, to save your time and ours a little reminder of our blog rules."


And finally, this tweet from Zingari made us all chuckle. We're always listening!



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