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Patterns in radio listening - visualising Radio Pop

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Tristan Ferne | 11:57 UK time, Friday, 5 December 2008

radiolabs175.pngLast Friday the BBC's RAD (Rapid Application Development) Unit, led by George Wright, held two days of hacking in a Recommendation Super Sprint - the aim being to get people from around the BBC to play around with recommendations and personalisation. Chris and I from the R&D team at Radio Labs went along for the first day with few concrete ideas but the desire to play with some of the data we've gathered from Radio Pop.

Chris took a dump of the Radio Pop database - we've got around 1400 registered users and 24,000 "listen events", from when we launched in September to now. He removed any personal and extraneous data and then used PHP to process the data and write out text files of the data we needed - basically, a piece of data for every hour in which each user listened to BBC Radio through Radio Pop. I then used Processing to draw some images of this data.

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Tristan Ferne is Senior Development Producer, R&D, FM&T for Audio & Music Interactive.

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