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iPlayer day 7.35 p.m: Close down and coming soon?

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Nick Reynolds Nick Reynolds | 19:35 UK time, Friday, 12 December 2008

The BBC iPlayer day is now over, although I expect the conversation will continue over the weekend and we'll be back on Monday to round it up.

There were a couple of posts that we couldn't publish today which we may well return to and push your way on Monday.

I'd like to thank everybody who contributed something to the day on the blog, on flickr, on twitter, on the message board, or anywhere really.

In particular I'd like to thank Jonathan Richardson who had the idea in the first place, Dave Lee my co-editor, Reece de Ville and Ashley Stuart Noble and his team.

Watch out next week for more developments in the BBC iPlayer story.


Nick Reynolds is editor, BBC internet blog


  • Comment number 1.

    Briefly, BBC Internet site presentation well ahead of competition in every respect, however, most programmes lack quality, Britishness, therefore civility and trditional humour!

  • Comment number 2.

    good nite & have a great weekend...

  • Comment number 3.


    Glad you all had such a great day. It might have been nice to invite the end-users along. I notice you say.....

    "I'd like to thank everybody who contributed something to the day on the blog, on flickr, on twitter, on the message board, or anywhere really."

    However, you didn't actually invite viewers who frequent the POV TELEVISION messageboard - people who use iplayer - (often when they read a great review by a fellow poster of a programme they have missed). Also, you didn't even pop onto bbc.co.uk board to leave an invite there. On iplayer messageboard, they were notified - don't know if it was you - but, as you can see, there are far more viewers on the other messageboards. Please, don't say that iplayer messageboard was informed, as that is a cop-out. You know where the viewers are, and that very few use the other boards. So, would never see any notice posted on your "techie boards". It's nice that you involve bloggers, twitters, flickrers, but, I thought you were also responsible for the messageboards.

    Yet again, we are Cinderella - univited to the ball, but we may have had quite a lot of useful input, which has been overlooked. I feel I am flogging a dead horse, trying to get "inclusive" treatment of messageboarders when Editors/High Heidjins from BBC are "talking" to their customers. As you have seen from your two blogs on POV messageboards, we are nothing if not vocal, and surely any business/corporation who is looking for consumer input, should be canvassing as wide a range of viewers/technical ability as possible.

    I also note that you are cherry-picking the messageboards, which you WILL link to (in YOUR BBC LINKS column) - bbc.co.uk and iPlayer message board, but, NOT the boards where you WILL receive plenty of comments, RADIO and TELEVISION. Still BBC seems to be more about computing skills nowadays, than it's core subjects (telly and radio), or finding out how the viewer/listener likes the products served up by your software developers.

    Glad you all had such a lovely day, but I have been interested in the poor response the blogs have been receiving (number wise) to this grand event. You may have had better return for your effort on the messageboards, but then............... you LIKE blogging.

    You are making it very clear that the only interest you have in messageboards, is when you can come in and pull posts/threads, BUT, NOT, involve yourself with YOUR community over there.

  • Comment number 4.

    Hi Nick

    Popped over to the messageboard to catch up, and discovered this posting by you....


    "When I used the phrase "message board" - I meant the BBC iPlayer message board-there was a special area set up for the day - you can see it here.


    iPlayer day was an experiment on the blog to see if this kind of rapid fire high number of posts in a day is a good way to use the blog. It won't be judged simply on the number of comments. "


    Forgive me, but what use is it posting a link to iplayer board, regarding iplayer Day, at 9.30 on the Sunday, AFTER the event. As we keep saying, UNLESS we knew there was going to be an iplayer DAY, why would we go over to the iplayer board. (doh smiley) That is not to say, however, that we have no interest in iplayer - simply that we talk about it on our broader board - some may pop over to iplayer Board when they have a particular point they wish to raise. Over the past 6 days on iplayer Board, there have been roughly 50 DIFFERENT posters), whilst on TELEVISION Board, there will have been HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of DIFFERENT posters. The point is, that unlike YOUR blogs, there are VERY MANY messageboards, (you can't visit EACH board EVERY week, never mind EVERY day) and unless, posters pop into EXACTLY the right board, at EXACTLY the right time to see notification of "iplayer Day", "Editor talking about DOGs", "POV Messageboards" (which we only found out about because a POSTER posted a link), then HOW DO YOU EXPECT US TO KNOW, when you are discussing something on YOUR blogs which would tie in with our boards. (another doh smiley)

    You seem to have an inability, or simply and unwillingness, to accept that posters to ONE board, may NEVER visit a DIFFERENT board, or even THE board you are choosing to post to during the RELEVANT timescale. That does not mean to say that posters are not interested in things like iplayer Day. I feel absolutely certain, that you would have had a lot of postings from users of iplayer. There have been threads about iplayer on the TELEVISION board, BECAUSE posters are interested in this facility.


    "iPlayer day was an experiment on the blog to see if this kind of rapid fire high number of posts in a day is a good way to use the blog. It won't be judged simply on the number of comments. "


    So, did you receive "rapid fire high number of posts", and if you didn't receive ANY comments, would it still work for you?

  • Comment number 5.

    Apologies Nick

    When I said...

    "Over the past 6 days on iplayer Board, there have been roughly 50 DIFFERENT posters),"

    ........ I meant on the "General Discussion" section of iplayer Board. The "Service Updates" section of the board has FIVE threads since April, with 38 comments in that time. The "Suggestions" and "Recommendations" sections are practically stagnant, as is the "Archive" section. The only two sections of THAT board with any traffic are the "General Discussion" and "Technical Issues" sections.

    The Host posted a thread about iPlayer day on Thursday or Friday,


    and linked to a new iPlayer Day section which was set up on Thursday or Friday (so not much forewarning).


    which has received 25 comments.

    It would appear that if you are a BBC viewer/listener, and frequent blogs, twitters, flickr or iPlayer/bbc.co.uk boards, then you will be involved in discussions/input with BBC staff. If, however, you are a BBC viewer/listener, and frequent the POPULAR messageboards, then you are "on your own", until YOU pop in, infrequently, to tell us what we are doing wrong.

    Is it beyond the massive brain power of BBC to link "en masse" to ALL the messageboards, so that posters WHICHEVER board they are on, can receive information about discussions/iPlayer Days/Editor talking about DOGs etc, which might be of interest to them.

  • Comment number 6.

    Glad I stay away from Points of View!!

    One thing I missed was anything from BBC's Marketing and Rights.

    Three points about this:

    the role outs and indeed this day need a little marketing advice about how to engage people.

    Fast role outs are no good if they cause people problems (the mobile one is interesting in this respect with user moans about 'not on my phone yet' and on the other hand user contributions about 'how to use it on X (unsupported mobile.)

    Not marketing this "Day" initiative properly rather vitiated the response.

    The lack of proper advice about how to use it or rather (eg) how to display it on your 42" flat screen. Again users can be engaged in this..... about how they do it. I know the bbc is launching a branded box. (I use an Mac mini and a projector) It's the usual gap between the techies and the non tech user which most tech products share.

    finally little more effort to solve the subscription rights problem for non uk customers or potential customers before it all gets transferred to YouTube...... again a strategic marketing problem.

  • Comment number 7.

    The above is pedantic or boring, i cant decide.

  • Comment number 8.

    cping 500 - we did have one contribution about rights, but you're right that we could have had more.

    And I wrote a short post on my personal blog about the day here.

    I hope to have published another post on the POV boards by the end of this week (i.e. Friday).

  • Comment number 9.

    Yes, guys a lot of information for Nick, but the reason is quite simple.

    I assume you are bloggers and like blogging. We frequent the messageboards, BUT would love to be told of any iPlayer Days/discussions with Editors about DOGs etc. The problem is that Nick won't post links to the blogs, when these events are happening, to let us know about them. He hides them away on rarely used boards, and excuses that by saying "that is the RIGHT board". As I said in my posting above, "what use is it posting a link, on POV Television to iPlayer Day, at 9.30 on Sunday evening (TWO days AFTER the event)

    As I also said above, unless you are on the RIGHT board at the RIGHT time, you won't spot the link, - there are lots of boards.

    Nick seems to have difficulty understanding that he is Editor of blogs AND messageboards (although he tells us this). The problem is he won't talk to us on the messageboards, and he places information in the most obscure place he can find. Also, when we DO try to explain things to him, he feigns "not understanding", which results in laboured and longgggg postings to cover all the bases.

    I apologise, if you are on-lookers, but as Nick won't interact with us on the messageboards, we are forced over here to get his attention, and try AGAIN, to ask him to INVOLVE messageboarders in events/discussions involving BBC staff.


    As you rightly say......

    "not Marketing this "Day" initiative properly"

    devalues the whole exercise.

    As I said, Nick was inundated with comments when he wrote two blogs on POV messageboards (a poster linked us to them, NOT Nick). If a company/corporation is looking for consumer input, then they should canvass as widely as they can.

    Again apologies for the frustrated postings.

  • Comment number 10.

    "If a company/corporation is looking for consumer input, then they should canvass as widely as they can."

    Not really. Irrelevant, uninformed chatter is just noise.


  • Comment number 11.

    Just to be clear.

    I am editor of the Internet blog and am hosting three areas of the POV message boards ("The BBC", "Digital" and "bbc.co.uk"). I am not hosting the Television part of the POV boards.

    I am not the editor of all message boards and all blogs.

    Also, this is starting to get a bit off topic.

  • Comment number 12.

    Sorry Phazer - but to quote Tom Loosemore - The signal is the noise.

  • Comment number 13.


    Your comment on the POV blog......


    "Some of you have asked what exactly I'm doing. As I explained before I'm now in charge of the POV boards. "


    May I ask, does this mean that you have ANY remit on TELEVISION and RADIO, or ONLY the other three POV Boards? We took it from the above statement that you were in charge of ALL POV boards.

    The Phazer

    You have always made it clear what you think of messageboarders, but, can I just say that some of the most intelligent people I know, also have frivolous moments in their lives, including messageboards.

    My hubby has a 1st Class Honours Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, is a Senior Lecturer in Computing and Creative Technologies. He also owns a company developing computer software for a very "cutting edge" technology, and you know what - he loves "Weekend at Bernies". So, please do not judge people's intelligence, by their hobbies.

    As I say, messageboarders come from all walks of life (I know many gaming designers, Computing Students and Lecturers, who use messageboards - including POINTS OF VIEW), and so, an invite to messageboarders would not just have brought in .....

    "Irrelevant, uninformed chatter "

  • Comment number 14.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 15.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 16.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.


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