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BBC Search: iPlayer and /programmes included

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Matthew McDonnell | 18:44 UK time, Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Take a look at the latest version of the BBC's search service.

For the first time, relevant BBC TV and radio programmes are included in your search results alongside news articles, other BBC web pages and links to external websites.

About a third of the most popular searches on the BBC seach engine are for programmes. While selected programme websites have always been available in search, you will now find two new types of results:

• programmes that you can watch or listen to in BBC iPlayer

programmes_posts.png• and episode pages for all programmes broadcast on radio or television in the last eighteen months (since we began /programmes our new approach to publishing programme information).

Most of these episode pages will not let you watch or listen to programmes, but you can read about that episode's storyline and cast, and in the future these pages will contain richer information including clips, like this.

The search results pages have also taken on the new BBC style and we are experimenting with new ways of displaying the results. I think it looks great - let us know your thoughts.

I am going to post about this in more depth in a couple of weeks - once we have some performance figures and feedback.

This is the first of a series of planned improvements to search in the next few months, so any observations from you are very welcome indeed.

And for anyone who wants a more in-depth view of how BBC site search works, one of our senior software engineers, Andy Webb, will be posting in a couple of days.

Matthew McDonnell works in Search & Navigation, Online Media Group, BBC Future Media & Technology.



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