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Interesting Stuff 2008-09-15

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Alan Connor | 17:01 UK time, Monday, 15 September 2008

Read all our posts about the BBC iPlayerAt The Industry Standard, Jeremy Kirk has a detailed feature called BBC's iPlayer Takes Online Video Programming To The Edge, with lots of quotes from iPlayer nabob Anthony Rose, stats and DRM observations:

But over the last 10 months, the iPlayer has seen major upgrades to the way it can deliver video, video quality and compatibility with an ever-expanding number of mobile devices, putting the iPlayer on the forefront of Internet video delivery. The BBC is solving many of the problems with online video delivery that have vexed other services around the world.

There's also a paean to iPlayer from Audit Bureau of Circulations chief exec Chris Boyd in Media Guardian:

I love the iPlayer; I just think it's amazing. About two years ago I tried to use the ITV equivalent, which would never download, and then over Christmas my daughter and I wanted to watch separate programmes at the same time and a friend of hers told her that the iPlayer was very good. Since then I've used it pretty much every week.



If your bag is reasonably-expressed complaints, quibbles and feature requests around BBC stuff, the place to go is the Beeb section of Get Satisfaction. One user, Gids, asks:

Any idea why All Bar Luke is listed as being by "BBC Null" in the iPlayer radio player?

The iPlayer team is dissecting this bug right now; meanwhile, critical friend of the BBC Frankie Roberto is frustrated that the "search box on the BBC News website should default to searching news, not random BBC stuff" - also onpassed.


There's more detail on the BBC's involvement in BarcampBrighton3 [as described below] at the BBC Backstage Blog, with more detailed notes on Ant Miller's talk A BBC Micro For the 21st Century?.



Also via Backstage, Chris Riley has been responding to feedback and adding features to his Track Playing prototype:

Chris has added integration with the BBC's Radio Pop beta, using the Radio Pop API. So now you can Pop your trackplaying habits to Radiopop. Chris is using OAuth to pass the users information back and forth smoothly.

Shane Richmond [see below] will be delighted to learn that the first track brought up when BBC Internet Blog launched the service was...

inevitably coldplay

(During the time it took to type that, we've moved onto Rihanna's "Disturbia".)


Finally, you can enjoy the slightly uneasy and voyeuristic experience of seeing what people are twittering about iPlayer in the new iPlayer/ Twitter feed on Internet Blog's Pageflake:

  • Watching Humphrey Littleton's last I'm Sorry I Haven't Clue on iPlayer (publicenergy)
  • Watching the BBC iplayer on my Mac while doing my Sunday family duties. Cooking for 8 today. Pork is in. (royski)
  • I'm impressed they managed to get Dara O'Briain Live at the Theatre Royal on iPlayer. (aJanuary)
  • Surprised to see some films listed on bbc iplayer (diceliving76)
  • Has anyone else noticed that the volume control on the BBC iPlayer goes "all the way to eleven". (Braziel)
  • Didn't feel up to Thomas Hardy tonight so will catch Tess of the D'Urbervilles on iPlayer another night. It looks good. (squatbetty)
  • Nice iplayer error message - 'This doesn't seem to be working. Try again later'. Not even a please! (ianbarber)
  • the bbc could do with some of those +1 channels that itv and c4 have. Iplayer, whilst good, looks crap on my lounge TV (via the wii). (guyweb)
  • @guyweb I don't think the wii iPlayer supports the high-quality feeds that the main iPlayers has, does it? (JeFurry)
  • πολύ ενδιαφέρον και αυτό. Και το bbc να βλέπαμε καλά θα'ταν :) Στο FAQ του iplayer εξεηγεί κάποιους λογους που είναι μόνο στο uk (internetakias)
  • BBC iplayer offered on Nokia N96 - That is really cool but do u need to pay TV license fee to receive TV programs on mobile?? (vidyavi)

vidyavi is clearly not an avid Internet Blog reader (how odd!), as the answer ("it depends if you're watching live or on demand") is here.

Alan Connor is co-editor, BBC Internet Blog.



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