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What We Do: Vision Multiplatform and UXD Awayday

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Nick Reynolds Nick Reynolds | 12:45 UK time, Monday, 4 August 2008

Two people who work for the BBC talk about it on their personal blogs.

Dan Taylor on Fabric of Folly:

"Senior Portfolio Executive, Internet - BBC Vision Multiplatform" - there's no denying that I have fairly incomprehensible job title. All of the words kind of make sense on their own but when strung together, not so much. So, mostly for the benefit of my parents and girlfriend (who frequently have to try and explain what I do), here's an attempt to break it down into some semblance of meaning...

And Richard Titus blogs an awayday for his User Experience and Design team at rxdxt:


...our disconnection from business or technology limitations makes us focus 1st on what the audience wants, 2nd on how they will use it - then we manage back the technical and business issues from there.

Photo of Mat Hunter from IDEO at the UXD away day from rxdxtus.

Nick Reynolds is Editor, BBC Internet Blog.



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