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Interesting Stuff 2008-07-18

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Alan Connor | 09:40 UK time, Friday, 18 July 2008


The BBC Trust has published Pricewaterhouse Coopers' research "into the economic impact of the BBC's publicly funded services on the UK broadcasting and creative sector" [pdf] - sections 5.5 and 13 are the ones to head for first from a bbc.co.uk angle, but you should of course read all 196 pages.


Tom Loosemore, formerly of this parish, responds to the research on the Ofcom PSB Blog:

So, we have an estimate of the market upside resulting from a licence-fee funded BBC, but no numbers for the downside.


traffic_lights100.jpgIn an Organgrinder post called The "What's On" Wars: BBC Local vs Commercial Radio, John Plunkett looks at hyperlocalness, asking and answering the question:

How often does my BBC regional news service mention Hazlemere shopping centre or those nightmare traffic lights near High Wycombe? Never.



voting.pngLots of activity with mobiles: Damyanti Patel and Owen Stephens write up the keynote given by the Beeb's Jason DaPonte at the JISC Innovation Forum [slides as ppt] and Pat Phelan (tagline: "Subverting telecomms from the edge of industry") writes about A Day At The BBC where he talked to Charlotte and Anthony from BBC Switch about "MAXroam, QIK , Agito Networks, Truphone, YouGetItBack, SpinVox , vlingo , 3Skypephone, Rebtel, ZYB, Twitterfone, ShoZu , PimpMyNews ,Shazam , ShopQwik plus lots of other stuff" and looked at new initiatives like BBC Revealed:

I was amazed at the innovation taking place at the BBC especially from the Switch team in the Youth arena.


sausages.jpgThe Beeb's Andrew Bowden tries to get his head around the bewildering array of food websites with some connection to the BBC, including bbc.co.uk/food, BBC Good Food, UKTV Food, BBC Food and Ever Wondered About Food - it's as if all the intricate relationships between the BBC, BBC Worldwide, UKTV, the Open University, etc, have been depicted, in microcosm, in a diagram made of sausages.


bbc_trust_foi.pngAnd there's a Freedom Of Information request [btw, did you know about the Beeb's FoI blog? - Ed] with an unwieldy name that's very much on Internet Blog's beat, Correspondence between the Chair of BBC Trust and the Director General of the BBC regarding the future strategy and management of bbc.co.uk, that's currently awaiting clarification:

I note that the process you describe leads one to suspect that the BBC Trust will find it hard to be perceived as an effective, independent regulator if all FOI correspondance it receives is automatically handled by and thus shared with BBC Management - the very people is it supposed to regulate.

Alan Connor is co-editor, BBC Internet Blog.



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