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Alan Connor | 14:44 UK time, Tuesday, 13 May 2008

information and archives open day

Next door in the Media Centre, BBC Information & Archives is holding an open day.

Which bits of the brief of the BBC Internet Blog does this concern? The answer is: pretty much everything. From the Digital Media Initiative, through /programmes and the legacy of our website to the forthcoming online service licence review, the work of I&A is only going to become more and more important - especially as material held in canisters and ledgers like those above is digitised. And approaches like the Creative Archive point the way for archive use outside as well as inside the BBC.

This is the day in I&A's own words:

You'll walk away understanding how I&A , working with Future Media, developed the Open Archive, how vital they are assisting with the programme making process and the small task of digitising the few thousand hours of material in the archive!... and there wont be a speck of dust in sight.
Dusty old archives??? not a chance!

These guidelines put it more stiffly:

Why we keep BBC media content:
  • Research value - as a source of information
  • Re-use value - repeats, re-versioning and re-use of extracts (including use by Worldwide)
  • Legal requirement
  • Business requirement (core records)
  • Historical/heritage requirement
  • Charter requirement

There are more pictures of the exhibition (including a Dalek) in our Flickr account.

Alan Connor is co-editor, BBC Internet Blog.


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