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bbc.co.uk Service Licence: Initial Feedback & Early Round-Up

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Jem Stone Jem Stone | 13:38 UK time, Thursday, 29 May 2008

Update: Nick Reynolds has posted with more reactions here.

Obviously, the document we've been scouring most round our way today is the review of bbc.co.uk by the BBC Trust. I expect there to be further posts from my colleagues reacting to this in the next day or so. I'm only just getting through what seems to be at least a dozen lengthy PDFs of consultation, review and recommendations. The early press coverage, from what I can tell, has focused on only a small amount of what the Trust had to say about the site. So - if your printers can bear it - it's worth ploughing your way through it.

You can read the document in full, the terms of reference, and supporting evidence on the BBC Trust site.

Documents summarising the considerable amount of consultation with "institutional stakeholders", the BBC's Audience Councils and the BBC's submission itself are also published in full.

As ever, the fullest press coverage (three stories in as many hours earlier today) has been at The Guardian, which even extended to a gallery of past homepages. There's also a lengthy piece in Paid Content.

Blog coverage and Twitter comments are only starting to trickle in. Emily Bell and Patricia Hodgson went head-to-head on Today this morning but the audio for this will vanish into the ether in a few hours. [Update: the audio is now availabele here as an mp3]

Read this doc on Scribd: BBC Trust review of BBC.co.uk

Update: The BBC issued a statement in response to the report which is published over at the Press Office site.

Jem Stone is the Portfolio Exec, Social Media in the BBC's internet group.



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