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Prototype: BBC What's On Now

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Ian Forrester Ian Forrester | 16:49 UK time, Monday, 1 February 2010

BBC 1 webcam

The BBC What's On Now project was an idea of Tim Coysh. He's a regular Radio 1 listener and found it frustrating when he would miss the name of the tunes playing.

Radio 1 is the place where all the new songs are played, and it is very important to know the song title if you want to go on to buy the song.
I decided to go to a website which told you the song name - and was astonished when I could not find any sites which did such a thing. Being a novice website programmer, I decided to look into designing a website which would tell you What's On Radio One. You can see more about how it works on the 'How Does It Work' page.

After designing a prototype site, I found that the site was very dull and boring, it just gave you the song name and artist. I decided to look into more options, like putting a webcam in and retrieving the lyrics for the song. I decided to do this, plus adding the option of changing the radio station - because not everyone prefers Radio 1 - and eventually I created the site you are seeing in front of you.

Its not only Radio 1 either, its also Radio 2, 1Xtra and Radio 6 music. We look forward to seeing what other data source Tim can pull into the mix. Nice work Tim


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