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Welcome to the 5th year of Backstage.bbc.co.uk

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Ian Forrester Ian Forrester | 15:43 UK time, Friday, 22 January 2010

Ben kicks off backstage.bbc.co.uk

Believe it or not its been 5 years. 5 years and a few days ago Backstage.bbc.co.uk as its officially called was launched to BBC staff and a small pool of the early adopting public. 5 months later in May, it was officially launched to the public at OpenTech 05 by Ben Metcalfe. At the time it was mainly access to the feeds under the backstage licence which was the big issue. This also makes Backstage the longest running public blog the BBC has to date.

So to celebrate we have launched the new look BBC Backstage Blog which is more fitting with the rest of the BBC's guidelines (which we had the pleasure of breaking for years). We have also launched a new directional page at backstage.bbc.co.uk, which includes details for people who happen to come across backstage by chance. You will also notice a link to our learning projects Open Lab (coming soon) and Data Art. Both are less focused on code developers but they also have data and services which the community will enjoy using. The Data Art team also have a blog if your interested in information visualisations.

We have aggregated the 2 different blogging systems from the last 5 years into this one. As you'd expect we lost quite a bit data when porting between system, but fear not its all been archived and we will fix links, author names, comments, meta tags over the course of time.

We still own *.welcomebackstage.com which you may see referred to on some links such as the ideas store. This is our array of playground servers, which are servers which allow us to experiment beyond the comfortable home of the BBC servers. The services on these servers tend to be early public alphas and betas. They do go down quite a bit due to the experimental nature of the prototypes/services.

Finally, Backstage is facing a new year all grown up but fresh faced. There's a number of new things we would like to try this year, so subscribe this blog


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