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Magical mystery Tech Bus tour

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Ian Forrester Ian Forrester | 23:30 UK time, Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Techbus's first journey happened during Thinking Digital. Backstage had the joy of being on the bus or rather luxury coach. The coach picked me up a little later that expected due to the traffic into Manchester but it was already half full with people from Liverpool. The bus/coach was huge, like something you see superstars or football teams stepping out of rather that geeks with laptops. It turns out that the coach is actually Bolton Wanderers team coach.

Onboard there was everything needed for a unconference including wifi, electrical power and plenty of healthy food and drink. The wifi did drop out while in the middle of the county because the wifi was reliant on a 3g connection, but most of the time it was fine.

The best thing about the techbus was the people onboard, your with them for a few hours and so your talking about the conference and related things. Katie Lips who's idea it was from the start become the host for the bus tour and made sure everyone was moving around and meeting other people.

The tour was a success, and there's already talk of the next tour being from London to Liverpool for B.tween in June. So if you get the chance to join the tour, make sure you get a ticket early, I can certainly see this venture growing. Great work Katie


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