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Over the Air, all wrapped up

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Ian Forrester Ian Forrester | 00:33 UK time, Monday, 7 April 2008

Mobile fighting on stage

Over the Air promised to be a festival of fun centered around Mobile and Wireless development, and delivered so much more.

The eager crowd surprised us all with their competition prototypes. But the winners panned out to the following list.

* Audience Favorite - Capture the Flag by the Pink Pirates

* Overall Best Prototype - Mr. Tomm (Future Platforms)
* Best Mobile Widget - Auto Widget Configurator (Owen)
* Best Hardware hack - Phone Fight ( labs)
* Best Use of Multimedia - 21st Century Fridge Door (Orange Pirate)
* Best Use of Wireless, Bluetooth or RFID - Bluetooth FOAF (Owend)
* Most elegant solution - Twitter Client for Windows (Dale Lane)
* Most over engineered - Clever Social Tool (Alex squared)
* Most practical / ready for market - Social Network Open Butler (SNOB)
* Best mobile web application - Browser Sync
* Best design / user experience prototype - Phone Fight ( labs)
* Best Location Aware Award - Capture the Flag (Location based games)

And the winners in the unofficial categories were:

* Fun Award - Phone Fight ( labs)
* Most likely the succeed with the CIA - (Social Tracker)

One of the weirdest ummm... prototypes/sweeds was that of Torchwood Sweded by a group at Over the Air. The whole thing was done recorded in HD and took less that 24hours to make.

The coverage of Over the Air was great, with online stories from The Guardian and many bloggers.Some of the best coverage however came from Mark Kramer with his videos on the popular video site Qik. There were also plenty of photos on flickr which are still being added.

There has been a range of comments and blog posts about Over the Air including,

Then there was the hacking in the evening. I wasn’t as hardcore as some, and did have a nap for an hour or two at about 5am before finishing my stuff off after breakfast. Most of what I wrote was in C++ but I also got to hack together a little Javascript - not a language I often use.
- Dale
What did I learn there and was it relevant for my project? Well, first, it was an opportunity for me to get a brief overview of current developing technology for the mobile platform.There are many and a lot of different technology to learn which I am not familiar with. Of particular interest was a presentation by Brian Fling from on developing web apps and native apps for the iPhone and mobile applications.
- faycalproject

Alex Craxton of Mobile Monday created a slideshare

We went to the excellent overtheair event over the weekend, with an amazing concentration of mobile developers (and gadgets). Our entry to the 24-hour hack development contest was a bit of fun dreamt up by Richard Jones and Russ Anderson. Disappointed that someone had beaten them to it by working out how to connect a Wiimote to a phone handset via bluetooth, they decided to go one better and do away with the need for the Wiimote at all.
- Lastminute Labs

Everyone enjoyed the event and is now looking forward to Mashed which had its dates officially announced - June Saturday 21st - Sunday 22nd.

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