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TV Listings

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| 18:20 UK time, Wednesday, 5 October 2005

This prototype is, to put it simply, a TV listings system. It is based on a PHP backend, but uses AJAX to display all the data onto a grid similar to the one used by programs such as Digiguide.

The actual grid is fully scrollable, and it only gets the relevant information when needed (scroll to the end and it gets the next results). This is obviously limited by the data that is in the database.

If you click on a television or radio programme, you get the description of it, information about the genre and when it is repeated, as well as some extra information that may be relevant to a few people (aspect ratio, etc).

If I had the time (it has been a busy few months), there would be many other features in it, such as the ability to search by genre and search for a specific show, and add your own favourites into it so that you know what is on on a specific day that you want to watch or listen to.

I do plan to actually use this myself, so most of those features will end up in it sometime.

(More about this entry can be found at http://backstage.min-data.co.uk/tv/brief.htm)


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