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| 17:55 UK time, Monday, 25 July 2005

I have been creating a new tv show format that blends together the familiar talk-show/hosted program with numerous high-tech methods to interact with the show in real-time.

The host would start the program "rolling" and seed the topic or content, but from then on the viewers begin shaping the program.

Not just viewers at home logging sending email, chatting with the host, etc. This should would superimpose users' session content onto the screen. Different parts of the screen are used for various content/functions. Users could show a video they like in the corner, have a chat with multiple viewers on the left side, start/end subtopics at any time.

The host would try to pull all the various inputs & displays from viewers into a somewhat coherent or at least understandable show.

The thrill and interest in the show is the real-time interactivity between not only, the host & viewer, but between viewers as well. The show would almost be a interactive meeting place and serve only as a common location with the technology to allow everyone to interact together.

In short, the show would be a controlled chaotic multimedia experiment with the outcome completely unknown before the show really ends..A type of stream-of-consciousness and group-expression...

Interested in this? I have more details along with specifics on how the display, sets and technology would look and work together.

Contact me via my email address. If your network would sponsor the airspace and related equipment, I will volunteer my time and effort to experiment with this idea. At the very least, it could spawn other ideas or grab some headlines for your network.

Take care,
Robert Carr


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