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How do I get involved with and help bats?

Martin Hughes-Games Martin Hughes-Games | 09:59 UK time, Wednesday, 14 October 2009

We have an impressive 17 resident species of bat in the UK. Seeing and hearing bats can be a thrilling experience for the whole family, but their nocturnal nature means that they're not always the easiest animal to see.


The best way to enjoy bats is to go on an organised bat walk. You'll be given a bat detector to enable you to hear their ultrasonic calls which can help you identify the species. As bats hibernate for winter, this month may be your last chance to catch them. Get in touch with your local bat group to find the nearest evening walk. There are more than 100 local groups across the UK.

Alternatively you can also do some very simple things at home to help bats. Putting up a bat box or making one [PDF] provides them with a safe roosting spot, while planting night scented flowers or having a pond will help to encourage bats in your garden.

If you'd like to do even more to support bats then get in touch with The Bat Conservation Trust where you can take part in the National Bat Monitoring Programme, or count bats to collect essential data which helps keep track of UK bat populations and inform their conservation work. Alternatively you could find out about training to become a Roost Visitor.

How to help bats
What if you find a bat on the ground, or have one flying around in your house? Or if you'd like to carry out building work but have bats roosting on your property? The Bat Conservation Trust runs the National Bat Helpline, providing information to anyone needing advice on issues relating to bats.


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