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High seas diary: Part two

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Tim Scoones Tim Scoones | 22:17 UK time, Sunday, 11 October 2009

Gordon sent in his second report from Lerwick in the Shetlands, just before he heads out into the North Atlantic. You can follow his adventures right here... (Read part one of his High Seas Diary)

The day of departure is upon us. To see us off, Shetland has had a plague of redwing descend from the skies. Yesterday the main island was bristling with thrillions of them, still bursting with energy, showing no signs of fatigue from their flight over the North Sea from northern Europe.

Just packing up at the hotel and setting off shortly to the Island of Whalsay, from where the trawler will leave later today.

Think I have everything I need... We have no control over where we go or where we end up. That, bizarrely, is in the hands (or should I say fins) of the mackerel that the killer whales hunt. It is rather amusing to think that a mega shoal of fish swimming obliviously out there in the North Sea is dictating our movements over the next week. 

This for me is a filming trip like no other. A huge adventure and momentous experience lies ahead. Can't help but feel the pressure of the expectations of so many people. Well, worse things happen at sea. All aboard the vomit comet!


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