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High seas diary: Part ten - underwater filming

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Tim Scoones Tim Scoones | 13:33 UK time, Saturday, 17 October 2009

This came in from Gordon late last night...

Managed to get our grubby mitts on an underwater camera while we were offloading the fish in Lerwick. We tested it out on some seals by the boat. It works! Got some really great views of the seals with a little encouragement with some delicious Charisma-caught mackerel.

There were thousands of fish in the water too. The seals were only interested in the already dead ones lobbed in from from the pier by Jimmy (one of the crew). This system is going to be great, if we have another orca encounter. Couldn't help but wish we had some underwater footage as we watched our report go out tonight on the programme.

Is was quite strange watching Autumnwatch go out, showing us looking for killer whales on board a boat in the North Sea, while we are still on board a boat in the North Sea looking for killer whales!

This time we are heading further west than previous trips. Twelve hours in and still no shoals. I think the plan is to head back to where we were before. It's gone midnight. Better get my head down. The 6am to 4.30am shift the other night has taken its toll. I'm really tired and we might get a shout to shoot the nets at 'oh no' o'clock.

Funny, there was a big surge on my Twitter page tonight after the programme. Have a respectable number of followers now, maybe enough to form a very small army, a weird cult or maybe just a medium sized book club. Might test the water, trying to manipulate people first through the medium of Twitter, and then form a concrete plan of what to do with my new found powers. Really so interesting how all these media platforms intermingle and leapfrog from TV to web, back to TV.

To bed.


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