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High seas diary: Part four - 50 killer whales in the can!

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Gordon Buchanan Gordon Buchanan | 14:06 UK time, Tuesday, 13 October 2009

If you've been reading my diary you'll know that I've so far been a mixture of nervous and excited. Excited at the thought of filming the orca; nervous because there was no guarantee we'd even see them.

It took so much effort just to get onto the boat that the thought of spending a week in the North Sea and then not seeing them wasn't good.


A killer whale off Shetland. Photo copyright Andy Foote.

But now I can report... We have killer whales in the can!

It was an incredible sight. We didn't expect to drop the mackerel nets today at all. In the end we dropped them as a tester and then pulled them in very quickly, as there weren't that many fish going in. Cue 50 killer whales...

It all happened incredibly fast but I managed to shoot it. As it was our first morning we hadn't done any filming onboard before they dropped the nets. Quite unexpectedly, therefore, the first shots of the trip are of the whales!

As I write we are taking the fish we caught back to Lerwick where the crew will offload them. Then we're all heading back out to sea tomorrow night with high hopes of getting more cracking killer whale shots.

In the meantime, I'm sending footage and photos back to base so it'll be right here on the blog very very soon.

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