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Welcome to Autumnwatch Unsprung

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Martin Hughes-Games Martin Hughes-Games | 15:52 UK time, Thursday, 24 September 2009

Yes! It's on! A big thank you to you all for helping make Autumnwatch Unsprung happen.

To be totally honest I'm just a tiny bit nervous. It was one thing doing Springwatch Unsprung on the Red Button when we thought one man and his dog were probably watching (so we really did all feel totally relaxed about it) but now we are on the main channel and it all feels a bit... well... serious. And "serious" is not what Autumnwatch Unsprung should be all about is it?

Short of banging down a couple of strong mojitos or a snakebite (cider and beer for the non-drinkers amongst you... Foul but effective!) I'm not sure how we are going to shake off the seriousness. But we will try.

But... but... but... The main thing is AW Unsprung is driven by YOU! It's all about the questions and stuff you send in. So please, please get on the messageboard, upload your autumn photos to our Flickr group or your best nature videos to our Your movies section, get on the blog and send in your questions and your observations... your programme needs you! For starters, why not post a comment right here.

Level-headed Joe and I are going to be glued to the computers reading what you have to say from today and wondering how to shoehorn it all into AW Unsprung.

It's going to be a bit weird doing Autumnwatch and AW Unsprung from the BBC in Bristol. I will let you know how that's working out in my next blog post. The room that's going to be our "studio" was actually the head of department's office. You can see it below. The transformation has begun... but I'm still not quite sure how we are going to turn this room into the Autumnwatch studio.


Two nights ago I woke up with a thumping pain in my jaw. Turns out I have got neuralgia. When the pain really kicks in I just stand still with my mouth open drooling and moaning quietly... What a great look for TV!


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