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Gordon Buchanan seeks out more stories and meets more wildlife people for Autumnwatch 2009

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Tim Scoones Tim Scoones | 17:59 UK time, Monday, 21 September 2009

Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan makes a welcome return in the new shape and format for Autumnwatch 2009. As well as assisting Chris, Kate and Simon in filming at our autumn wildlife hotspots, he'll be filing his own film report each week as he responds to audience insights and observations and chases down topical stories from around the UK. His aim is to film the wildlife and meet the people who have found it for us.


Gordon will be chasing down topical stories from around the UK

Gordon will be updating us on this year's re-introduction of wild beavers, finding dormice in unusual locations and helping stranded manx shearwaters. Reports are already reaching us about hares in airports and yet more otters returning to our cities... Gordon will respond to the leads that sound most intriguing.

The very latest news is that Gordon may even head out into the wilds of the North Sea to investigate reliable sightings of large numbers of killer whales that have learned to follow mackerel fishing boats. These are the same fishing boats made famous by the BBC series Trawlermen.

Rather you than me, Gordon! I get awfully seasick even on moderate sea swells - heaven knows the sort of seas Gordon and the trawlermen will encounter.

We're just looking into whether we can pull this off in time for the series. Gordon will have to undergo special safety training to film in such difficult conditions. But just imagine if he managed to encounter killer whales at such close range. I'm going to be so excited (as well as insanely jealous).

If you've got a wildlife story that you think Gordon should be following up on this or a future series, do please let us know by posting a comment right here. It's amazing the amount of interesting wildlife and unusual behaviour that you, the viewers, know about and the fascinating wildlife people that are out there.

We want to hear your surprising and unusual wildlife stories and hear about wildlife people you know who inspire you with their knowledge, their dedication and their insights. Who should Gordon visit next?

Tim Scoones is Executive Producer, Autumnwatch

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