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Clever Crows

Stephen Moss | 12:35 UK time, Monday, 3 November 2008

They're black, they're some of our least popular birds, and they're very, VERY smart. The various members of the crow family are, in fact, amongst the smartest creatures on Earth - at least as clever as dolphins, gorillas and chimpanzees, and in the view of some scientists even smarter.

Yet these are also the birds we love to hate - especially carrion crows, ravens and magpies. For centuries these species have been associated with evildoing - as the companions of witches - or simply derided as thieves. Yet their mischievous behaviour is the sign of very high intelligence.

So as Simon says on Monday night's show, we're now asking YOU to look out for clever crows in your neighbourhood. Whether it's magpies or jays, rooks or ravens, carrion crows or jackdaws - or in Scotland and Ireland, hooded crows - we'd love to hear from you. Post your replies on this blog, or send us your videos or photos elsewhere on this website. We'll tell the best stories, and show any great footage or stills, on the programme later this week!

Thanks again for your great response so far!



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