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Oh deer... my mistake

Stephen Moss | 09:25 UK time, Tuesday, 28 October 2008

HUGE APOLOGIES to all of you on the blog, and ESPECIALLY to Simon. In my haste to get the pictures of the four deer antlers on the blog last night, I made the cardinal error of NOT checking the facts with my colleagues on location.

Because of this, one of the four choices I gave for the possible answers was WRONG... There are NO muntjac antlers shown in the photos, NOR were there any in the selection shown by Simon - the antlers shown belonged to a sika deer.

I shouldn't be surprised that many of you immediately spotted my mistake - as we often say, our Autumnwatch audience includes some of the UK's leading wildlife experts!

So just to clarify, the four antlers shown by Simon (and here on the blog) belong to red, roe, fallow and sika deer, NOT muntjac. Simon will reveal the correct order in tonight's programme - in the meantime you're welcome to have a go at getting the right answer.

Once again, I can only apologise to you all - and also to Simon and his expert team, who of course knew the answers all along - for my mistake. As a birder I must now make sure I brush up on my mammal identification skills!

All the best - Stephen


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