We're not posting on this blog any more


Tim Scoones | 17:21 UK time, Friday, 17 September 2010

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As the new series of Autumnwatch approaches (from early October for eight weeks) we thought we had better highlight the fact that we won't be posting on this blog any more. As those who visited our website during Springwatch will know, we're now using the BBC Nature UK blog and website. This means we can cover Springwatch, Autumnwatch and the rest of the year all in one place.

Keep your eyes peeled on Nature UK for info on the new series of Autumnwatch next week.

Update 23 September: I've now blogged about the exciting plans for Autumnwatch 2010.

Snow Watch: Your ponds in the Big Thaw


Tim Scoones | 14:59 UK time, Friday, 29 January 2010

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During the Big Freeze this year we recommended that you take the advice of Pond Conservation not to worry too much if your pond froze over. Now Pond Conservation want to know what happened in your ponds!

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Snow Watch: Your questions answered


Tim Scoones | 17:22 UK time, Thursday, 21 January 2010

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We've had our most amazing response from you yet for Snow Watch with over 800 members and 2,000 items in the Flickr group, and over 700 comments and questions, all in just six days!

With such a rapid turnaround for the programme we had our work cut out to fit as much of your contributions as we'd have liked to. So we wanted to answer some of your questions and discuss some of your fascinating stories right here.

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