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Will the Armagh and Tyrone dominance end?

Austin O'Callaghan | 13:02 UK time, Wednesday, 12 May 2010

We are putting the finishing touches to a new summer of The Championship on BBC Sport NI.

All eight Ulster matches will be live - which is a first. And there will be a few team changes along the way.

Peter Canavan will be in our Casement Park studio on 23 May for Antrim v Tyrone.


Some of BBC Sport NI's Championship team - Mark Sidebottom, Jarlath Burns, Austin O'Callaghan, Thomas Kane aned Martin McHugh warm up for a busy summer

Former Armagh footballer Oisin McConville will be with us for the trip to Ballybofey and Donegal v Down a week later.

And for those of you who enjoy the McHugh v Burns jousting, there will be plenty of that too. You can now follow us on Twitter: which will be the fastest way to find out what we have planned for the programme each week.

I am asked regularly who I think will win Ulster this year? And the honest answer is: I haven't a clue. There are too many questions about several of the counties at the moment.

Are Armagh as good as they looked in league final at Croke Park? What sort of shape are Tyrone really in?

Might Antrim become victims of the hype surrounding the team going into the Tyrone match? Will Ambrose Rogers be fit for Down?

What Donegal team will turn up in Ballybofey on 30 May? Are Fermanagh still in freefall?

Is morale really as bad in Derry as the rumours suggest? For the record, I visited Owenbeg last week for the Derry players' media night and it looked like a fairly happy and contented camp to me.

The last county to win Ulster outside of Armagh and Tyrone was Derry in 1998. That is a long time.

I am a hesitant man for making predictions - mainly because I have a spectacular habit of giving teams the kiss of death. So, with trembly knees and a total lack of conviction, my Ulster Championship prediction for 2010 is this: the Armagh/Tyrone stranglehold on the Anglo-Celt will end this summer.



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