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Peter J Devlin is a sound man!

Marie-Louise Muir | 22:54 UK time, Thursday, 4 February 2010

Congratulations to Peter J Devlin for his Oscar nomination. The Belfast born sound man is up for his third academy award nomination, this latest one for his sound mixing on "Star Trek".

I met him last year in BBC Belfast. The only thing is I thought he was in on work experience.

Yes I know he's one of Hollywood's leading sound men. He's the man who was Oscar nominated for "Pearl Harbour" "and "Transformers"  but how was I to know what he looked like?

In my defence, alot of people come through our office to shadow the programme for a day, week or a month.  

So when I came back after lunch and I saw a fella checking his emails on the computer opposite me, I just assumed he was in to see how the show worked.

Then we were introduced, he was back in seeing old friends and work colleagues from his former life as a BBC Northern Ireland sound man.

He had just finished working on "Frost/Nixon" and was heading back to LA to start work on "Star Trek".

He was just glad to be back home to see family.

So I asked him, ok, begged him  to come on the show. Maybe the begging went on a little too long, especially in an open plan office, but by then I was in full flow.

He said no. 

At least now, on the red carpet at the Kodak Theatre on the 7th March, in between the Morgan Freemans and the Sandra Bullocks I'll recognise a master craftsman, who didn't talk to me.....this time!




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