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  1. Notes from the not so former Iron Curtain or Echoes of Eric Hobsbawm

    Dr Frederick Baker reflects on nationalism, borders and attitudes towards migration in Austria and Eastern Europe. We begin at the border between Austria, Hungary and Slovakia, where Baker filmed for "Arena: Stories my country told me". Soldiers were creeping through the undergrowth to stop ille...

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  2. Gazette

    Arena News - Scottish referendum and nationalism - 10th September 2014

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  3. Gazette

    Arena Gazette 14th - 18th July: Assisted dying bill debated in the House of Commons, conflict in Gaza escalates and Dylan Thomas's early love letters sold at auction

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  4. Gazette

    Arena news week 2nd-6th June: Christopher Lee records heavy metal version of 'My Way', 25th anniversary of Tiananmen Square and death of Lady Mary Soames

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  5. Gazette

    Arena news week 14th - 18th April 2014 looks at the 30th anniversary of the Miners' Strike, the first Irish State visit to the UK and the start of India's biggest ever election.

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  6. Gazette

    Friday November 22nd marks 50 years to the day since the former President of the United States, John F. Kennedy was assassinated during a visit to Dallas, Texas.  Kinky Friedman goes back to Dealey Plaza 30 years later on the hunt for Kennedy's memorial  

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