ARENA NEWS WEEK: Bob Dylan lyrics, Death Row and Manchester United


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Radio 4's Today Programme reports on the auction of Bob Dylan lyrics

Bob Dylan's original hand written lyrics for ground-breaking song 'Like A Rolling Stone' are to be sold at auction in New York. The manuscript has been described as 'the most significant piece of rock material to appear at auction', written in pencil on small sheets of hotel stationery with corrections and doodles in the margins, including a rooster and a fedora hat.

You might think that nothing was left to chance on Dylan's most legendary rock recording, but in Arena's 2005 documentary 'Bob Dylan: No Direction Home', musician Al Kooper recalls how he came to improvise on the opening chords of 'Like A Rolling Stone'.

Musician Al Kooper recalls how he came to improvise on 'Like A Rolling Stone'

Arena: No Direction Home (2005). Directed by Martin Scorsese

A Production of Spiftire Pictures, Grey Water Park Production, BBC Arena, Skelia Productions, Thirteen/WNET New York/PBS


Radio 4's Today Programme reports on botched lethal injection in Oklahoma

Clayton Locket, a US death row inmate in Oklahoma, died of a heart attack after a botched lethal injection from the state executioner. The problems surrounding Locket's execution are part of a wider debate over the legality of the 'three drug method' and whether this treatment violates the US constitutional vow 'against cruel and unusual punishment'.

Director James Marsh's film 'Death Row - The Last Supper', first broadcast in 1990 as part of Arena's 'Food Night', takes a look at the custom and practice of allowing inmates to chose their last meal on death row. The ritual of the last meal goes back to 18th century England, where prisoners would often have a farewell party before execution as a celebration of life and preparation of what lay ahead. Here in the Louisiana State Penitentiary, Arena looks at the choices inmates have made for their last meal and how some have used this decision to make a final statement on earth.

A history of the ritual of the 'last meal' granted to inmates on death row

Arena: Death Row - The Last Supper (1990)

Directed by James Marsh, Series Editor - Anthony Wall


BBC News reports on the sacking of Manchester United manager David Moyes

This week saw David Moyes sacked as Manchester United manager after just nine months in charge. Following a 2-0 defeat at Moyes' old club Everton and a failure to qualify for the Champions League, the club's owners lost patience after a 'calamatous' first season.

Following in the footsteps of the great Alex Ferguson proved an impossible legacy for Moyes, but this is not the first time Manchester United have suffered such a fate. Sir Matt Busby, one of the greatest football managers in history, took his team to the European Cup Final in 1968 where Manchester United beat Benfica 4-1. Busby was a hero to his fans who often chanted they would have him as Prime Minister. Following his European victory and knighthood, Busby stepped down as manager and was replaced by former player and coach Wilf McGuiness. Arena interviewed McGuinness in the 1997 documentary 'The Football Men' and he discusses the difficulties he faced in taking over from a much loved legend.

Former Manchester United manager Sir Matt Busby choses his successor

Arena: The Football Men (1997)

Directed by Francis Hanly, Series Editor - Anthony Wall










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