ARENA NEWS WEEK: Stones manager dies, Sophia Loren at Cannes and Celia Cruz on fleeing Cuba


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Radio 4's Today Programme reports on the death of Stones manager Rupert Loewenstein

Prince Rupert Loewenstein, credited with turning the Rolling Stones into the world's richest rock band, has died at the age of 80. He was the band's financial manager for nearly 40 years, becoming a close friend to Mick Jagger. Through his advice, the band became tax exiles, retreating to the South of France in the 1970s. Loewenstein famously commented that he was not a fan of the Stones' music "or indeed of rock and roll in general", but regarded the band with great affection.

From the South of France to the Caribbean, Arena caught up with the Stones in 1989 when they retreated to Monsterrat to record at the studio of legendary music producer George Martin. After years of well publicised acrimony amongst band members, they reunited for the 1989 'Steel Wheels' tour which proved an enormous financial success. Here, whilst rehearsing the track 'Mixed Emotions', Mick Jagger and Keith Richards speak about the band reuniting and making music.

Arena interviews the Rolling Stones at George Martin's recording studio in Monsterrat


Arena: 25 x 5: The Continuing Adventure of The Rolling Stones (1989)

Directed by Nigel Finch


BBC 4's Today Programme reports on actress Sophia Loren at the Cannes Film Festival

Italian actress Sophia Loren wowed the red carpet at this year's Cannes Film Festival, bringing some Hollywood glamour to the event. The 79 year old is no stranger to Cannes, as she was a staple at the film festival during the 1950s. Loren attended the premiere of 'Two Days One Night' looking every inch the screen goddess in a bejeweled gold gown.

Her beauty and sophistication was rarely unnoticed, not least from British comedian Spike Milligan who encountered Loren on a trip to Rome with Peter Sellers. Arena interviewed Spike in 1995 where he recalls his first encounter with the Hollywood icon, after being invited round for dinner at Mussolini's villa.

Spike Milligan remembers his first encounter with Loren at Mussolini's Villa

Arena: The Peter Sellers Story (1995)

Directed by Paul Lydon, Series Editor: Anthony Wall

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BBC Radio 4's Today Programme visits Miami's Cuban population

There are growing calls to lift the Cuban economic embargo, put in place over 50 years ago by the American government as an attempt to restrict the communist regime. Much of this movement is being channeled from Miami, where many Cubans now live after being forced to flee from Fidel Castro's communist regime. Traditionally staunch supporters of the embargo, some new voices are emerging in what has long been one of American's most influential political lobbies.

Latin American superstar Celia Cruz was one of the many who fled Cuba in 1961 at the time of the revolution. Arena interviewed her and her husband in 1988, 27 years after they left the country and found a new home in New York. Like many Cuban exiles, they were unable to return, creating large Cuban populations in American cities - mainly New York and Miami. Despite living in exile, Celia Cruz became one of the most succesful Latin American singers in the world, reaching even greater fame after fleeing Cuba.

Latin American superstar Celia Cruz discusses fleeing Cuba during the revolution

Arena: My Name is Celia Cruz (1988)

Directed by Anthony Wall




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